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Enamel Dig For Victory Mug And Natural Branch Coasters Project Via Garden Therapy Coasters Recycle1

Natural Branch Coasters

Making a set of branch coasters from a fallen tree will allow the beauty of that wood to live on and tell the story in its rings. When you are out pruning and cutting back the garden, take a look at what you are about to throw in the wood chipper or firewood pile. Wood slices can be turned into …

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Creating Garden Interest With Large Boulders And Low Growing Plants

Carpet Gardening: Weaving Groundcovers into Low-Growing Art

Using low-growing groundcovers to create a patchwork of color, texture, and shape in the garden—or carpet gardening—was the trend that resonated the most with me as I toured the show gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  For years I have been drawn to planting shorties in the garden. With a small urban garden and a love for groundcovers, it …

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Best Garden Blog BHG Awards 2016

Better Homes and Gardens Blogger Awards 2016

You know that feeling of excitement that you get as spring approaches and you know that things (at least in the garden) are changing for the better? Or what about the feeling of accomplishment when the hard work you have put into the garden is showing off gorgeous blooms resplendent in their glory? Or the the feeling of abundance when …

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Beautiful Cherry Blossom Branch

Forcing Flowering Branches to Bloom Indoors

“Forcing” flowering branches is the term used for bringing plants indoors to bloom. The term may be a tad too strong for cut branches, though. Forcing, in regards to bulbs, can mean months of chilling, then planting, then watering, then growing. Bulbs really need some strong urging to grow and bloom indoors. Forcing flowering branches, however, require more of a gentle encouragement than …

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One Of A Kind Wood Veneer Wall Planter From ByNature Studio Tour

These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Houseplants! Indoor Plant Projects for Modern Day Decor

Move over houseplants, these creative indoor plant projects take center stage! If you are looking for some ideas on fresh new ways to liven up your decor, look no further. This list of creative projects will surely inspire you to add some green to your home or apartment. The best part is that these projects are simple and low maintenance. Drought-tolerant …

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Water Lettuce Indoor Garden

An Eerily Beautiful Indoor Water Garden

This indoor water garden is sure to get conversation started. It’s fuzzy rosette leaves float above the surface, while it’s dark, feathery roots float below. It is part flower arrangement and part houseplant—a delightful mix that won’t fade into the background. An indoor water garden adds a touch of whimsy and a peek-a-boo view below the surface. Follow along with …

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