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Edible Violets For Making Homemade Soda Syrup

A Sweet Spring Cocktail, Made with Weeds?

Spring is made even sweeter with the emergence of delicate purple violets, dotting many a lawn and field in most parts of the country. Before you start spraying them, or ripping them out, cursing them as weeds, think about this – violets are not only pretty, but like many wildflowers they are also edible flowers! Harvest them, make a gorgeous …

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Lots Of Creative Ideas To Use Wine Barrels Both Indoors And Out

Recycling Wine Barrels in Creative Ways

If you have visited wine country you will have undoubtedly noticed the myriad of creative handcrafts that have been made from wine barrels. It seems that wine making and crafting with the oak staves or metal hoops of a wine barrel go hand-in-hand. I personally love having a few wine barrels in the garden as planters. I use bunch of …

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How To Change Hydrangea Color From Pink Or Blue

Pretty Pink or Brilliant Blue: How to Make Your Hydrangea Change Color

Love your hydrangea blooms but want to change up their color? Many hydrangeas will go through a slight color change when transplanted due to adjusting to their new soil when you first bring them home. But if you really want to shake things up, this simple little soil hack will make your Hydrangea change color! Keep in mind that this will …

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Creating Garden Interest With Large Boulders And Low Growing Plants

Carpet Gardening: Weaving Groundcovers into Low-Growing Art

Using low-growing groundcovers to create a patchwork of color, texture, and shape in the garden—or carpet gardening—was the trend that resonated the most with me as I toured the show gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  For years I have been drawn to planting shorties in the garden. With a small urban garden and a love for groundcovers, it …

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Blooming How To Make Lollipop Flowers

Home Grown Lollipop Flowers

Gardeners are curious and experimental. We appreciate beauty and want to grow delicious flavours right in our backyards. So when I was sent a package of magic jellybeans, I couldn’t wait to see what they would grow! I know what you are thinking: “there is no such thing as magic jellybeans!”. Well, you may be surprised at what happened when I planted …

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wild herb ravioli

Wild Herb Ravioli

Wild Herb Ravioli Time 40 MIN. Total Time 45 MIN. Makes 36 Ravioli Serves 6 Egg-roll wrappers make these a snap to prepare. Photo: 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided 1½ ounces chickweed or spinach, stems removed (2 cups) 1 ounce deadnettle or henbit tops, including flowers, or spinach, stems removed (1½ cups) 1 ounce wild garlic greens or chives, cut into ½ to …

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