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Dog Deodorant: Stinky Dog Spray

Get rid of that stinky dog smell with this DIY dog deodorant that smells like refreshing lavender and lemon. I certainly don’t have a lot of dog but he can get pretty smelly at times. Wet from the rain or a swim in the ocean is par for the course when you have a pooch. I love getting outside with him no matter what the weather, but that means that I have a whole lot of extra washing to do to keep his clothes, toys, and bed from smelling like wet dog.DIY Doggie Deordorant for stinky dogs

I wrote out my doggie deodorant recipe over on my eBay blog where I write DIY crafts, gardening and recipes as well. Please head over there to see how to make this simple but effective stinky dog spray!

Stinky Dog Odor Be Gone with this DIY Doggie Deodorant

DIY DOG Deodorant (5)

Well, hello there Dog Lover! Since you clearly love dogs like I do, here are some other dog-related articles you might like.

I treat my dog naturally first when he has a minor ailment like an ear infection, grungy teeth, or (gasp) flatulence. Many of the things I use are handy to have in your kitchen like apple cider vinegar, canned pumpkin, and essential oils. I have a list of them all here (which is again over on my eBay blog. I write over there every week so there are plenty more cool, crafty, natural-living ideas to find).Home Remedies for the Natural Dog

I also like to pamper Meatball with the occasional home-baked treat! Well, not that occasionally. These squirrel cookies were a big it. Actually, it surprised me to no end how nutso he went for these cookies given the very basic ingredients. I thought that store bought cookies would certainly trump the homemade, with all the delicious duck-scent and all. But nope, my pooch loves his homemade squirrel cookies and you can get the recipe here.The Homemade Oatmeal Dog Cookies That Drive Dogs CRAZY

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