Glass Globe Terrarium Sedum Air Plants Tillandsia Shell Moss Medium

Hanging Globe Terrarium

It’s official: I’m addicted to making terrariums.  Who knew they were so addictive?

I volunteered to make this one as part of a group gift and it was so much fun.  I filled the back with a bit of cactus soil, then planted in a pretty little sedum.

I covered that with some moss and some white river stones to set up a base for the Tillandsia stricta that I glued into a shell.  Won’t it be gorgeous when it blooms?!

To make your own, I’d suggest checking out the Terrarium Craft Review & Salad Bowl Terrarium Project.  

Give it a try as part of “You Can Grow That” day, the 4th day of each month.


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  1. Benita
    BenitaApril 5,12

    Very interesting post and blog. You are definitely one talented gardener!

  2. Forest Keeper
    Forest KeeperApril 5,12

    Nice! I want to make one to hang in the window in my kitchen! Thanks for the idea.

  3. Jane Gates
    Jane GatesApril 5,12

    Lovely terrariums. These would make fine gifts. I like the option for hanging, too: ideal for cat-lovers like me. Otherwise the temptation for felines to exercise their gardening redesign options could be disastrously overwhelming! Beautiful!

  4. Rambling Woods
    Rambling WoodsApril 5,12

    My daughter made me a one for my birthday in February and I just love it..I am hoping I won’t kill it….Michelle

  5. Debbie
    DebbieApril 5,12

    I love these. Especially since you’ve manage to combine glue guns & plants…and the plant is still alive! I think I may make one this weekend and then hide an Easter egg in it and see how long it takes for my kids to notice.

  6. Stevie
    StevieApril 5,12

    Debbie, yes, anytime I can craft with plants I’m all over it. But don’t use glue guns with air plants – too hot! I used E6000 adhesive and just a wee bit. But I love the hidden Easter egg idea. Happy Easter.

  7. Kylee from Our Little Acre
    Kylee from Our Little AcreApril 5,12

    I’ve got several glass containers just waiting for plants and things! I won a copy of this book but haven’t received it yet. When I do, I’ll be making up some, too! This is really cute, Stevie.

  8. Ben lannoy
    Ben lannoyAugust 22,12

    I’m very interested in landscape design and indoor gardening. These are a lovely addition to any light kitchen or office. Love them!

  9. Terrarium Ideas
    Terrarium IdeasOctober 8,14

    Ooh ooh I knew they were so addictive! and I absolutely love your containers! Where did you find them? Scrounging through yard sales hasn’t really given me much success so far =(

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