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Kale Chips Recipe

So simple yet so addictive!Kale Chips

Wash & remove thick stems from a bunch of kale. Drizzle with 1 tbsp of olive oil & sprinkle lightly w/Kosher salt.  Bake @ 350 degrees for 10 min until crispy.

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  1. Jenny Peterson
    Jenny PetersonDecember 3,09

    I just had kale chips at a dinner party the other night–surprisingly, I’d never heard of them before, but they were delicious and the hit of dinner! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Stevie
    StevieDecember 3,09

    You’re welcome! It’s a great use for all the kale that grows in colder climates.

  3. Garden Lily
    Garden LilyMarch 16,10

    I’d try those at a dinner party – they sound interesting! I’m surprised the oven wouldn’t just make them wilty.

  4. Stevie
    StevieMarch 21,10

    The oven makes them crispy not soggy – and the best kale to use is a thick, dense kind otherwie the chips will be kind of papery and break easily. The kale I have pictured above, wasn’t the best kind to use as a few pieces were too thin and broke apart – but the ‘meatier’ kale works realy well!

  5. Elise
    EliseSeptember 29,12

    Be sure to add parchment paper! Otherwise the kale will stick to the pan.

  6. Stevie
    StevieSeptember 30,12

    Great suggestion! Love parchment.

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