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Delicously Warm Spiced Peach Brandy Preserves

Warm Up to Fall with this Spiced Peach Brandy Preserves Recipe

This peach brandy preserves recipe has to be my all-time favorite jam.  When I first tried it I was blown away at the complexity of the flavor and how different peaches could become when species and liqueur are added. It takes a predominately summer-flavored fruit like peaches and adds the warmth of cozy fall spices. This peach brandy preserves recipe is …

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Two Tier Rhubarb Leaf Birdbath From The Book Garden Made

The Garden Fountain That Completely Transformed a Shady Front Yard Space

Water features transform a garden space. It could be just the sounds that draw you in from far away or …

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How To Install A Disappearing Fountain Step 13

How to Install a Disappearing Fountain in Your Home Garden (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

I’m always most taken with gardens that have a little mystery to them (as you can see in my previous …

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Create Your Very Own Miniature Garden Patio

What gardening trend is hotter than vertical garden, succulents, and edible landscapes? Miniature gardens! You may love them or have …

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Silver Sage

Beyond the Spice Rack: Preserving Herbs in Creative Ways

Drying herbs is a perfectly fine way to store your garden-fresh flavorings for use throughout the year, but it isn’t …

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Garden Bridge

Create a Secret Garden as a Therapeutic Outdoor Space

Have you been lucky enough to visit a secret garden? As you walk along a pathway, through an ornate gate, …

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Chocolate Mint Sun Tea Instructions

Sun Tea: Two Ways | Hundreds of Possibilities!

Sun tea is just about the most simple way to make a summer beverage. Infuse water with flavor in two …

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  • Water Lettuce Indoor Garden

    An Eerily Beautiful Indoor Water Garden

    This indoor water garden is sure to get conversation started. It’s fuzzy rosette leaves float above the surface, while it’s dark, feathery roots float below. It is part flower arrangement and part houseplant—a delightful mix that won’t fade into the background. An indoor water garden …

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  • Yay Garden Made Is Here

    Garden Made: Get it Today!

    Did you know that my book, Garden Made: A Year of Seasonal Projects to Beautify Your Garden and Your Life , is available at your favourite bookstores? How exciting! Crafting from the garden doesn’t need to be limited to just one season—this is what I hoped to show …

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  • How To Collect Seeds From The Garden

    Getting Back to Basics with Seed Saving

    Seed saving is a lost art that seems to be making it’s way back to popularity with gardeners. Seeds are largely inexpensive to buy, making them an easy and economical way to grow your garden. But there are some reasons that seed saving is coming back …

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  • Radishes Are The Speediest Vegetables

    Plant These Speedy Fall Vegetables for a Last Hurrah!

    Yes! You can still plant fall vegetables to harvest and eat this year! There is still time in the late summer and fall to plant fast-growing edible plants in your vegetable garden and have them on your plate in just 15-30 days. No, not just …

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  • Fall Craft Ideas

    Fall in Love with These Autumn Crafts from Nature

    It might be the colourful leaves. Or it could be the ornamental seed heads. Or perhaps the acorns. No matter what the inspiration is, making crafts goes hand-in-hand with fall. Head out to the garden and collect some materials. Got them? Ok, now let’s get busy! …

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  • How to Infuse Oils for Soap Making and Natural Beauty Recipes

    Three Ways to Make Herbal Oils for Natural Beauty Recipes

    Infusing oil with herbs is a great way to add colour, scent, and healing properties to the raw ingredients you will be using in natural beauty recipes. Simply soaking herbs in oil isn’t enough to infuse the oil; it needs to be heated. Luckily, there …

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  • Your Guide To Organic Lawn Care

    The Essential Organic Lawn Care Guide

    Lawns are evil. Ok, perhaps that is a harsh generalization. I like a picnic on soft blades of grass as much as the next person. At the same time, I don’t like wasteful practices that are harmful to the earth.  I would much prefer if everyone …

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  • Decorative Garlic Braids With Herbs For Decoration

    How to Braid Garlic

    Local author, speaker, and organic gardening expert, Carolyn Herriot, joins us today with this wonderful fall project from her book, The Zero-Mile Diet: A Year-Round Guide to Growing Organic Food (Harbour Publishing). If you have followed along this year planting garlic then harvesting and cooking with the …

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  • Anemone de Caen - 'Mr. Fokker'

    Five Fall Bulbs to Plant For Long Lasting Spring Colour

    I often find myself wandering around my garden in spring, immensely enjoying the brightly colored blooms popping up everywhere, many times, even through snow covered frosty ground. It’s during those times that I reap the benefit of taking the time the previous year to plant …

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  • Lavender Wreath On Red Door

    Dried Lavender Wreath

    It’s no longer possible to deny that seasons are changing so perhaps it’s best to start winding down along with the temperatures and light.  Hanging a dried lavender wreath around the garden could be just the aromatherapy needed to help decompress after a long day, or perhaps it will …

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