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Check Out These Cool Characters! The Top Plants for Winter Garden Interest

Winter doesn’t have to be white in the garden. Even if there is a blanket of snow covering the soil, these colorful characters will add some pizzazz to the winter garden with their showy limbs, bright berries, and even some flowers! Here are some ideas for what to plant for winter garden interest.   Emerald Colonnade Holly This beautiful evergreen …

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How To Make A Grinch Tree 2

A Small Tree With a Big Message: DIY Grinch Tree

This miniature Grinch tree is a table-top reminder of the spirit of the holidays. Learn how to make one, and …

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Cute Gnomes Made From Branches

Twiggy Gnomes and Gardens

Aren’t these little gnomes made out of branches adorable!? As I was decorating a miniature Christmas tree to set out in the …

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Holiday Photo Card 2

5 Tips for Taking Awesome Photos of Kids or Pets for Holiday Cards

As soon as I took this photo of my two-year-old’s chubby, little hands holding on to this miniature tree I …

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Herbal Hotpad For Tea

Sew Creative! Make this Herb Scented Tea Trivet

I’m always on the look out for new craft projects that can easily double as handmade gifts for friends and …

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How To Make This Adorable Gnome Minaiture Tree

This Miniature Mushroom Tree is for the Gnomes

Forget the birds, this sweet little mushroom tree is for the gnomes! I made this miniature tree with glass mushrooms, an …

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Homemade Gifts From Nature

Simply Stunning Homemade Gifts Inspired by Nature

Do you dread the thought of fighting your way through busy malls and shopping centers in order to pick out …

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  • Creative Wood Slice Project Ideas

    Creative Wood Slice Projects

    Slices of branches or tree trunks are all the rage! It’s no wonder why there are so many uses for these rustic yet beautiful cross-sections of wood. I can’t think of a better way to bring the outdoors in. I create a guide over on …

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  • 17 Easy Homemade Gifts From The Kitchen Round Up

    Easy and Delicious Homemade Gifts From the Kitchen

    There’s nothing like a homemade gift; especially one that’s edible. I purposely preserve extra jams and jellies each year for gift giving. My friends and family look forward to my baskets of homemade food gifts that I give out for special occasions. An edible gift is …

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  • Bleached Single Pinecone

    How to Make GORGEOUS Bleached Pinecones

    Pinecones are iconic natural items to use for seasonal decor. Instead of painting or bedazzling them with glitter this year, try giving them a softer, weathered look by bleaching them! Bleached pinecones require very few supplies and is an easy project. Even so, it does take …

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  • This Evergreen Wreath Is Made Completely From Trees And Shrubs In The Garden

    Gardening For Your Front Door: Making a Fresh Wreath

    Every year we like to hang a different wreath on our front door during the holidays. We’ve amassed a collection of wreaths to match the holiday season trends of sparkly red berries, Christmas ornaments, peacock feathers, and square-shaped boxwood but my favorites are most certainly …

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  • Ornaments And Ribbon Decorate A Tall Skinnt Cedar Tree From Christmas Tree From How To Make A Nine Foot Grinch Tree

    How to Make a Nine-Foot Grinch Tree

    There are many versions of the Dr. Seuss-inspired Grinch Christmas tree (like this miniature one!), from Whoville-esque trees adorned with candy-coloured ornaments to snow-covered, oddly-shaped trees that set the scene outdoors. Perhaps the most iconic is a tall, skinny evergreen wound up with wire with …

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  • Broken Terracotta Garden Kit by Laughing Orange Studio on Etsy

    Fairy Garden Round Up

    Not long ago I shared adorable Easter Basket Fairy Gardens from Beverly Turner one of the co-authors of Fairy Gardening: Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden and I learned that people just love these little gardens! From this post on Hometalk, I’ve seen that there are a lot of …

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  • Healing Cuticle Balm

    Healing Cuticle Balm Recipe

    Home chefs, gardeners, and just about anyone who works with their hands can regularly have problems with dry, cracked cuticles. This soothing balm is packed with a herbal blend that will mend those cracks and make hands soft again.

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  • Step 4 Roll Peanut Butter Covered Pine Cone In Birdseed To Make A Feeder Medium

    Pinecone Bird Feeders

    This pinecone birdfeeder project is super simple & family-friendly and will get you outside for a little garden therapy, even in the cold. Materials: Dried, open pinecones Peanut butter Garden wire, twine or ribbon Mixed birdseed Plastic containers or plates, spoons, and scissors Instructions: 1.  …

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  • Bourbon Cranberry Sauce Recipe

    Homemade Bourbon Cranberry Sauce Recipe

    Did you know that British Columbia is the 3rd largest producer of cranberries worldwide?  BC produces about 17 million kilograms of cranberries annually on about 50 family farm operations.  Just a short drive away from Vancouver there are cranberry bogs that you can check out.  They are just beautiful in mid-autumn when the bogs …

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