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Garden Therapy Free Printable Or Downloadable Calendar August You Can Can

August Calendar: Can You Can? Yes, You Can!

I’m not sure if it’s the heat or the late nights spent canning but I’m feeling a little silly. I’m making puns about canning and humming along with the distinctive “ping” of snap lids as they seal away garden goodies picked at the peak of freshness. The Can Can has become my latest earworm (which isn’t as icky as it sounds although …

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Propagating Succulents Via Gardentherapy.ca

Dividing Succulents

If your succulents are starting to look a little scraggly or maybe sending out a bunch of offshoots, it’s a …

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Artichoke In Bloom Medium

Spotted: Blooming Artichokes

If artichokes usually come in a can or jar in your house, then are you ever missing out. These mammoth …

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Balsamic Caramelized Figs Medium

Balsamic Caramelized Figs

If you could put the flavor of late summer in a jar this would be it. Fresh figs are such …

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Semper Viva Wreath How To Make A Succulent Wreath

Semper-viva Succulent Wreath

Please welcome authors John Gillespie & Christina Symons of the fabulous garden craft book, Everyday Eden: 100+ Fun, Green Garden Projects for the Whole …

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Rangpur Lime Margarita Photography By Katherine Wolkoff. Courtesy Of Martha Stewart Living © 2013 Large

Rangpur Lime Margarita

Active Time 15 min. Total Time 45 min. Makes 1 drink 1 fresh common (Persian) lime wedge or water, for rimming …

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Pickled Golden Beets

My Famous Pickled Golden Beets with Ginger and Star Anise

I just love this recipe for pickled golden beets with ginger and star anise. The brine is sweet with just a …

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    July’s Free Printable Calendar

    I’m a few days late with the calendar this month. You see, I was out picking berries and having picnics and enjoying all that summer has to offer. If you haven’t yet gobbled down handfuls of fresh berries, what are you waiting for?! They just …

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  • Garden In A Cocktail A Salad Bowl Gin And Tonic Custom

    Salad Bowl Gin and Tonic

    Remember our last savory gartending recipe, the Green Gargoyle? That left me drooling for more from Greg Henry, author of Savory Cocktails and this Salad Bowl Gin and Tonic. It’s just the thing to quench summer thirst. This drink feels like summer. Make it with the very …

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  • Circus Animal Topped Mason Jars

    20+ Mason Jar Crafts and Gardening in Jars

    I really love vintage mason jars. I’m not alone, I know. There is a universal appeal to the classic shapes and endless usefulness of these glass vessels. I prefer uniqueness in my collection, and as such I have a mishmash of shapes, styles, brands, and …

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  • Fresh Basil recipes

    15 Ways to Use and Preserve Fresh Basil

    If you propagated your basil from cuttings like I did this year, no doubt you have a boatload of basil to contend with. Here are some recipes that go beyond the norm and help that basil last throughout the year.

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  • IY Leaf Impring Stepping Stones Simply And Inexpensively From GardenTherapy.ca

    Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones

    This Weekend Project preserves the garden into decorative stepping stones. You don’t have to work hard for a whole weekend to do it though! It’s a simple project that is quick and fun to do, but the concrete needs some time to cure after the stones are …

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  • 14 Totally Organic DIY Projects To Get Rid Of Pests Safely And Naturally

    Totally Organic Ways of Getting Rid of Pests in the Garden

    In my garden I use no chemicals or pellets or sprays. I develop healthy soil through composting and mulching and planting to attract the beneficial insects that hunt the bad bugs. Gardeners know to live with bugs and accept them for the value they add. If they …

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  • Layered Caprese Salad In A Mason Jar

    Portable Caprese Salad in a Mason Jar Recipe

    This perfectly portable recipe comes to us from the author of Mason Jar Salads and More: 50 Layered Lunches to Grab and Go, Julia Mirabella. You may remember that Julia has dropped by before to share her recipe for Spinach, Blueberry, and Blue Cheese Salad in a Mason …

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  • Dandelion Seed Head

    How to Identify Weeds

    I remember picking bouquets of dandelions as a child: grabbing so many in my hand that I couldn’t keep my fingers around the flowers that kept falling out. It took some time to hone my picking skills, and sometimes the head would pop off, but …

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