Copper rain chain DIY

Spotted: DIY Rain Chains

The project on my current Covet List is a DIY copper rain chain. I love how it creates movement in the garden, directs water in a stylish way, and gets a beautiful patina over time.

Copper rain chain DIY

I love this simply laid out project on Instructables by Tool Using Animal for making a rain chain from copper tubing.

In my search for creative rain chains I also came up with some other fab ideas:

River rock and beach glass rain chain

This version posted on Elderberry Street made of river stones and beach glass stones would be fun to make.  Collecting rocks at the beach for this project and this would be a great way to showcase your treasures.

Ceramic rain chain

Ceramic pottery cones make for a colourful rain chain on Etsy which probably also makes a beautiful sound.

Easy pinecone rainchain

For a frugal albeit temporary project, a pine cone rain chain made my Burb’s and Bee’s mom is a perfect project to do with kids.


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  1. Niki
    NikiJuly 26,12

    I have been wanting one of these too! Man, I never thought about making one. I love the ring one!

  2. James @ Capital Gardens
    James @ Capital GardensSeptember 5,12

    These are all so pretty, what fun projects they’d be. I love the look of the effect the copper chained one has on the rain and I imagine the pine cones would also be very pretty as well as looking very natural.

    Thanks for sharing,
    James @ Capital Gardens

  3. Jacki
    JackiSeptember 8,13

    I think I like the one with the rocks…or maybe, the one with the rings…or all of them! Just one more reason to keep building sheds…

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