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Bourbon Cranberry Sauce Recipe

The Perfect Thanksgiving Gift: Bourbon Cranberry Sauce

If you are planning to make cranberry sauce this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, add a little punch with some bourbon. If you sip a little on the side while you make it, it’s even more fun! You can find my Bourbon Cranberry Sauce Recipe over at and you can read more about Cranberry Bogs in BC from my visit there.

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Holiday Cranberry Sauce Recipe With Bourbon

Homemade Bourbon Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Did you know that British Columbia is the 3rd largest producer of cranberries worldwide?  BC produces about 17 million kilograms of cranberries annually on about 50 family farm operations.  Just a short drive away from Vancouver there are cranberry bogs that you can check out.  They are just beautiful in mid-autumn when the bogs are flooded and all the ripe cranberries float to the top of the bog, get corralled in, and are …

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