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Garden Therapy’s Favourite Uncommon Goods & Giveaway!

I’ve recently been embracing my uncommon gardener. I’ve never been one for traditional planters or formal gardens, but as the seasons change and the garden is forever on my mind, I like to have a quirky project or two to work on when the weather is not tempting me to the yard. I also think that a garden should be …

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Lavender Hyssop Agastache Foeniculum Edible Wildflowers

Edible Wildflowers: Grow it! Eat it!

Ontario’s Wildflower Farm director, Miriam Goldberger, has joined us today to share her passion for taming wildflowers, which is in fact the title of her book as well! In Taming Wildflowers, Miriam tackles the myths surrounding wildflowers – as unkempt, uncontrollable, weeds. Her goal is to introduce gardeners to a list of well-behaved wildflowers that conform to container, garden, and landscape. What …

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Red Amaryllis Blooming

Growing Amaryllis in a Jar

When the garden is going to sleep, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to do a little indoor gardening. Amaryllis are very popular at this time of year for their showy blooms that last about 2 months. My window that looks out at the garden is seeming a little drab now, so adding a bright red bloom or …

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Propagating Succulents Via

Dividing Succulents

If your succulents are starting to look a little scraggly or maybe sending out a bunch of offshoots, it’s a great time to easily and inexpensively increase your collection… …so you can make some of the projects out there like this beautiful succulent wreath… …or these vintage silver succulent planters. Dividing succulents like Sempervivum and Sedum is incredible easy as many …

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Seed Starting Guide

The Ultimate Seed Starting Guide

Ah, Super Sow Sunday is almost here yet again. The day when gardeners get together to sow seeds during the Super Bowl. Many can multitask and take in both of these grand events or some may simply choose one. I know what I will be doing on Sunday though, preparing my gardening plans, planting some seeds, and chatting with all the amazing …

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Protect Your Garden from Vampires: How to Grow Garlic

As we get ready for Halloween, it’s the perfect time to think about how you can naturally vampire-proof your garden. Planting garlic around the perimeter will protect your veggie beds from getting tramped in the night while they vant to suck your bloooood.   In all seriousness, it’s a good reminder to plant garlic when you start thinking about Halloween …

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