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Tulip Festival 2010 9

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival + How to Grow Tulips

Few years back I visited Skagit Valley in Washington state where each year they delight visitors with a little taste of what Holland’s tulip farms might be like during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  The area is home to many producers of spring flowers including tulips, daffodils, and irises. The festival runs April 1-30 of any given year and a …

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Floating Hellebore Flowers Small

March Feature Plant: Hellebore

Hellebores (Hellborus) are commonly known as Easter Rose or Lenten Rose given their blooms are an early springtime staple in gardens in Coastal BC.  The toothed-green leaves are leathery and some can stay evergreen through a mild winter.  Damaged leaves are quickly replaced in late winter to early spring adding a necessary lift to garden this early in the year. Hellebore blooms come in variety of colours including green, white, yellow, …

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Sarocococca Confusa Medium

February Feature Plant: Sarcococca confusa

This month I have been delighted by the two Sarcococca confusa that inhabit my shade garden just off the side of the front door.  While I’m always quite pleased with their glossy green leaves, white flowers, and black berries, the fragrance the plants are throwing off these days is phenomenal. The sweet, perfumey smell of the flowers in bloom wafts around my entrance way welcoming me everything I get the mail or …

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