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Floating Hellebore Flowers Small

March Feature Plant: Hellebore

Hellebores (Hellborus) are commonly known as Easter Rose or Lenten Rose given their blooms are an early springtime staple in gardens in Coastal BC.  The toothed-green leaves are leathery and some can stay evergreen through a mild winter.  Damaged leaves are quickly replaced in late winter to early spring adding a necessary lift to garden this early in the year. Hellebore blooms come in variety of colours including green, white, yellow, …

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Flora Friday & Hellebore Hurrah!

My Flora Friday pick this week is the Hellebore. Not only are they blooming everywhere right now in so many different sizes, shapes and striking colours, but also Phoenix Perennials, my favourite nursery, opens today with their annual Hellebore Hurrah!  Starting today and running all weekend, The Hellebore Hurrah is “Celebrating early spring and all things Hellebore” with a wide selection of …

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