Free tomato seed packet printable

Tomato Seed Envelopes and Free Printable Label

If you’ve been busy saving heirloom tomato seeds and want a cute and simple way ensure they are labeled for the coming year then I’ve gotcha covered.

Free tomato seed packet printable

The simplest way to pack up seeds for the year is to store them in envelopes. I like the little coin envelopes you can find at the discount stores or online. I’m always hoping to come across unbleached natural paper ones, but I’d much rather spend my time gardening than shopping around for coin envelopes, so gold it is. For now at least.

Free Printable Seed Envelope Labels



1. Follow this tutorial on saving herloom tomato seeds.

2. Print out this free printable tomato seed packet label on the full sheet label paper

3. Write the tomato variety, where it was purchased or grown, and the date. Please note: neither Sungold nor Green Zebra are heirloom tomatoes and as discussed in the original post about saving heirloom tomato seeds, only heirlooms will produce true to form year after year from saved seeds.  That being said, I have had great success over many years with both of these tomatoes grown from seeds from my farmer’s market. I’m willing to take the risk again next year as I am well-informed that they very well may not be true to their parent. If you are concerned your tomatoes will not be true to type, make sure they are true heirlooms. If you are up for an experiment, then grow what you love and hope for the best!

4. Store seeds in a cool, dark, and dry place in preparation for next year’s tomato season. These make great stocking stuffers for gardening friends as well.  That’s right, I said it.  STOCKING STUFFERS.  It’s never too early to start getting ready for the holidays.

Labeling saved seeds from heirloom tomatoes

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