Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2010’

SpiderBall Medium


I found some newly-hatched spiders on my hose reel the other day.  They were huddled together for warmth in what I affectionately call “SpiderBall”.

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Strawberry Planter After 2 Months

Project Update: Hanging Strawberry Planter

Not a whole lot of work went into my hanging strawberry planter project.  I tucked some extra runners into a hanging planter I found at a thrift store and hung it off the garage.  I’ve kept it watered for 2 months now and look how well it is doing.  It is covered in little green strawberries and a ton of flowers.  …

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for May, Wonderful May.

Can I get a “hell yeah!” ? So far it has been a MAGNIFICENT May.  I adore what’s blooming right now.  I’ve been eating veg from the garden daily.  I have plenty of warm afternoons in the garden.  Now add that to the fact that the sun is out until 9PM, you need a sun hat, and my back patio officially opens for entertaining this …

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Shitake Mushroom Block After 3.5 Weeks

Project Update: Shiitake Mushroom Block

I was out taking my photos for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day today and was so pleased at how much my shiitake mushroom block was growing after only 3.5 weeks.  I’ll be serving up a mushroom dish for dinner this weekend for sure.

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Oyster Mushroom Block

Shiitake Mushroom Project Phase 1

I did find some wonderful goodies at the Van Dusen Plant Sale last weekend despite the fact that I attended the sale solely to get my paws on a mushroom growing kit.  The sale was an absolute zoo even with the rainy weather which made it a bit difficult to get to the Western Biologicals Ltd. table but once there …

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