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Blueberry Raspberry Strawberry And Blackberry Infused Vodka And New Years Eve Cocktail Recipes

Blueberry & Blackberry Infused Vodka + New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes

If you are having a  New Year’s Eve bash this year, infused vodkas make a festive basis for some fabulous cocktails.  Or perhaps you are lucky enough to be attending a soiree held by someone else?  A fruity infused vodka makes a perfect hostess gift and is much more original than wine.  Start them now and they’ll be perfectly flavour-infused by the big night. …

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Merry Christmas: A Whoville Party

Inspired by the festive Grinch Tree that graces the Garden Therapy house, we threw a Whoville-themed holiday open house for friends and neighbours.  A little kitchy, with many natural elements, and a retro vibe all rolled up into one makes for this theme. The party table was loaded with retro ribbon candies, scotch mints, nuts in the shells, colourful shortbread cookies, and …

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Free Holiday Printable Canning Labels 2.5 Inch

Last Minute Holiday Gifts and Printable Gift Tags

I’m proud to say that all of my holiday shopping is done, wrapped, and mailed.  I know, I know, many of you may be cursing me right now.  But I’ve been preparing for this all year.  Those of you who follow Garden Therapy know I love to make things inspired by the natural elements found in the garden: jam, pickles, …

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how to make bath bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

Love those awesome fizzing bath bombs but don’t want to spend $6 a piece?  It’s easy to make your own with natural ingredients that soften your skin. As this recipe is part of the Natural Skincare Series, the ingredients are natural and safe.  While there are many other recipes that recommend using synthetic fragrance and coloring, there are many options available that are 100% …

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Grinch Tree Ball

The Magic of the Grinch Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree that graces the Garden Therapy house this year is not a huge, lush, extravagantly-adorned spectacle as it has been in the past.  Nope, this year we almost didn’t put up a tree.  I was feeling a bit grinchy and will admit that the holidays have been difficult in the past, the last few years in particular.  So this year the …

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Snowy Owls In Vancouver Delta Boundary Bay December 2011 6

Snowy Owls in Boundary Bay, Delta, British Columbia

This winter we are incredibly lucky to have a large number of Snowy Owls visiting right now in Delta.  Snowy Owls are normally found in the Arctic where their main meal is a small Arctic rodent, the lemming.  Due to a decline in the lemming population (which happens approximately every 4 years) the owls have migrated to locations like  Boundary Bay in Delta looking for food. These magnificent birds are a beautiful sight …

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