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Lavender water recipe

If This Doesn’t Help You Sleep I Don’t Know What Will: Lavender Pillow Spray

I love the Lavender Linen Water that I made for ironing so much that I have been using it on my pillows and sheets. And the baby’s crib. And the dog beds.  I’m pretty much obsessed. I’ve added it to a spray bottle to make an easy lavender pillow spray that helps me fall to sleep at night. Lavender is …

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One of the Most Delightful Things…

…about the garden is the anticipation it provides. A perfect sentiment as many are flipping through seed catalogs and planning what their garden will look like this year. Please print this out or save a copy to your phone or computer and delight in the anticipation. Spring will be here soon! Printable: One of the Most Delightful Things About the Garden …

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Chocolate Mint Lip Butter Recipe

Decadent Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

A luscious treat for the chocolate lover without any of those pesky calories. Cocoa butter is ultra moisturizing and because it melts at body temperature, it is readily absorbed into the skin. The mint essential oils will add a cooling tingle to this luxurious lip butter. Ingredients 1 tbsp cocoa butter 1 tbsp sweet almond oil 1 tbsp castor oil …

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DIY cinnamon and orange all purpose cleaner recipe

All Natural Orange Cinnamon All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

This citrus all-purpose cleaner recipe is simple and made with natural ingredients so fresh you could eat it! It may make an interesting salad dressing ingredient, but I’m more inclined to use it to clean the kitchen. This recipe is part of Citrus Celebration month here on Garden Therapy and is in great company with Mango Citrus Whipped Body Butter, …

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Crocus Golden Yellow Large Small

Converting the Yellowist: How to Use Yellow in the Garden

Yellowist. I was taken aback when I first heard the word but I suppose I deserved being called it after blatantly ranting about ripping out all signs of yellow from my garden. Common Daffodils in my garden? No thank you. Black-Eyed Susans? Your fate is the compost bin. Being called out for my discrimination stopped my blazing yellow rage in …

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Gardening Is Cheaper Than Therapy And You Get Tomatoes Framed Print

Gardening is Cheaper Than Therapy and You Get Tomatoes

Gardening is Cheaper Than Therapy and You Get Tomatoes. All year I will be sharing a whole bunch of freebies with you, from monthly calendars to canning labels. Please take this lovely quote and frame it. Or make it your wallpaper. Or put it on your phone to remind yourself that your road rage can be turned into radicchio with a simple flick of the hoe.

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