30 Minute Mozzarella

30-minute Mozzarella in Only 2 and a Half Hours

Whew! After taking my second cheese class this past week at UBC Farm (my first class was at Trevin Farms making chevre), I was inspired to whip up some 30-minute mozzarella.  I ordered all the ingredients from Ricki Carroll and followed her directions here.  This was my second go of it and I shaved 30 minutes off my time, completing the cheese in 2 hours and 30 minutes.  I do hope to reach par at some point in my cheese making adventures, but practice makes perfect…and some delicious cheese!

PS: Trevin Farms sent me some photos today of the new kids on the block for 2010.  Clearly these new additions have just as much attitude as thier parents and are still learning manners (ie: not to eat the house).  Adorable!

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  1. Dirty Girl Gardening
    Dirty Girl GardeningMarch 22,10

    A cheese class….. what could be better than that?!

  2. melanie watts
    melanie wattsMarch 23,10

    The title of this post had me laughing! The cheese on the bread looks delicious.

  3. Meredith
    MeredithMarch 23,10

    Love the stuck-out tongue. A very goat-appropriate attitude. ;)

    I’d love to try making chevre. We made a very elemental cream cheese and whey last summer from whole, raw cow’s milk (from happy cows raised on a lovely permaculture farm), which my husband adored and I hated! Still, I plan to try again this season, something new. Perhaps I’ll give the local goat farmers a ring. :)

  4. Seasonal Wisdom
    Seasonal WisdomMarch 23,10

    Love the headline and congratulations on the cheese course. Personally, I like goat cheese best of all…and think those little critters are adorable. ;) Teresa

  5. Aerelonian
    AerelonianMarch 23,10

    The joys of cooking. I made tempura vegetables one time and it took like three hours. It was rediculous but delicious!

  6. Stevie
    StevieMarch 23,10

    I do certainly see why we have moved to prepared foods – but home-made is just that much more tasty and healthy that it’s great to learn! Thanks everyone for your comments.

  7. villager
    villagerMarch 24,10

    Well, we’re a few days away from our first batch of 30-minute mozzarella, so perhaps we should block out a bit more time eh? We made our first cheese today, a ricotta, and it turned out well. I thought I would ease my way into it, since I had heard from others about having problems with mozzarella.

    Yours looks yummy on that bread!

  8. Ottawa GardenerOttawa
    Ottawa GardenerOttawaMarch 28,10

    Oh man. I hope to make cheese one day but now I’m not so sure that it will be an easy endevour. Maybe just a creamed goat’s cheese. That looks easy. However, despite the labour (or because of it), your cheese looks delectable.

  9. Cheryl
    CherylAugust 31,10

    Making your own cheese…I think that’s so fascinating. Now, thanks to Villager I’ve got to research how ricotta is made.

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