August Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

Here are the lovlies blooming in my garden this month.  Hover over the thumbnail to see the name or click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.  Anyone able to help me name the hydrangeas?  Extra points for identifying the bright red bloom.

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  1. meemsnyc
    meemsnycAugust 15,10

    So many pretty colors! Beautiful!

  2. ricki - sprig to twig
    ricki - sprig to twigAugust 15,10

    Lovely collection of photos. I think the bright red flower is Lychnis ‘Maltese Cross’.

    • Stevie
      StevieAugust 15,10

      Yes Ricki, The red flower is a Lychnis ‘Maltese Cross’. – awesome – thanks!!

  3. andrea
    andreaAugust 15,10

    looking good over there…! i knew the red flower when i saw it, but couldn’t remember the name until i read ricki’s response… Lychnis! not sure of all the hydrangeas, but surely the middle photo is a Limelight?

    • Stevie
      StevieAugust 16,10

      Hi Andrea, no it’s no limelight. The blooms are small, completely round (ball-shaped), and white. They turn green as they age. The bracts are no larger than a pea and the ball is about the sise of a large grapefruit.

  4. Crafty Gardener
    Crafty GardenerAugust 16,10

    beautiful blooms for mid August

  5. Heather @ Dusty Bay
    Heather @ Dusty BayAugust 16,10

    You’ve always got the prettiest mosaics! Gorgeous blooms!

  6. Priscilla Prince
    Priscilla PrinceAugust 16,10

    Beautiful like always! I love your garden!

  7. Laura
    LauraAugust 16,10

    I love the white Hydrangea. They are on my currently coveting list ;)

  8. larry
    larryAugust 16,10

    You have a wonderful and varied collection of blooms… fun to see them all! L

  9. melanie watts
    melanie wattsAugust 17,10

    Lychnis ‘Maltese Cross’ . I used to grow this plant. It self seeded like crazy, driving me nuts, eventually I threw most of it in the bush and planted the rest in the grass down by the dugout . I mowed around it every year. It’s probably still there driving whoever lives in that house now, nuts.

  10. Jean
    JeanAugust 19,10

    Gorgeous blooms. And lovely photos as well. It must also smell heavenly where you live!

  11. Deb Weyrich-Cody
    Deb Weyrich-CodyAugust 23,10

    Hi Stevie, I also have the same (similar?) White Hydrangea with softball sized blooms, slowly spreading habit, growing only to a delicate 4 feet here in south eastern Ontario. (I picture it in a Faerie’s garden.) It was given to me by my Aunt and, most likely, originally came from my Grandma’s house which was built in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s.
    When I once asked a visiting landscaper if he could identify the cultivar, he said that although he couldn’t be specific, it was very old because of it’s size and loose arrangement of blossom clusters.

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