Garden Therapy Free Printable Or Downloadable Calendar August You Can Can

August Calendar: Can You Can? Yes, You Can!

I’m not sure if it’s the heat or the late nights spent canning but I’m feeling a little silly.

I’m making puns about canning and humming along with the distinctive “ping” of snap lids as they seal away garden goodies picked at the peak of freshness. The Can Can has become my latest earworm (which isn’t as icky as it sounds although they can make you crazy!) and I’m probably on a steady sugar high from all the blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and figs.

I’ll have to slow down on the fruit (canning and consumption) if I want to even make it through to stone fruit season.

Garden Therapy Free Printable or Downloadable Calendar August  - You Can Can


Regardless of how sticky I am from being far too overheated and splattered with jam, I have the August desktop, mobile, wall print calendars for you. By now I’m sure you know the drill: clickity click on the links and the calendar will open in a new page for you to download or print.

Garden Therapy Free Desktop Calendar August

Garden Therapy Free Mobile Calendar August

Garden Therapy Free Printable Calendar August – You Can Can 8 x 10

So what will you be seeing on Garden Therapy this August? Lots of recipes for using up all the deliciousness that is growing in your garden like these:

garden therapy -  most amazing canning recipesGarden Therapy’s Most Amazing Canning Recipes

(And some brand new canning label printables-here are some of the other ones we have for you to download.)

some crafts to help you enjoy the days,

Tips for Making Home-Grown Flower Arrangements... that look like they cost a bundle!Top Tips for Arranging Home-Grown Flowers

Painted Ceramic Berry Basket

Sun Print Napkins

Sun Print Napkins

Especially crafts with kids.

and a bunch of harvest / seed saving projects.

Harvesting English Lavender & How To Use It

How to Save Heirloom Tomato SeedsSaving Heirloom Tomato Seeds

How To Save Alpine Strawberry Seeds

Preserving the Ornamental Garden: How to Dry Flowers, Leaves, Stems, and Pods for Crafting


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    Carole WestAugust 1,14

    You’ve got some great ideas listed. I can a little but prefer freezing fruits and veggies. However I made salsa this year and I’m enjoying that. Very bountiful harvest this summer.

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