Red Figs

Harvesting in Early August

This month my neighbours and I have more growing than we can harvest and eat so there is quite a bit of food sharing going around.  Almost daily I get a delivery of somthing, like a giant bowl of fresh figs, that I turn into some lucious creation.  I have also now organized a farm fresh egg delivery in my city neighbourhood and been out picking wild berries – all making for a crazy first few weeks in August.

I’m currently harvesting the following veg from my home garden and the community garden plot:

Beans: Purple Peacock, French Filet

Peas: MammothMelting Snow Peas

Tomatoes: Black Russian, Siletz, Sweetheart Grape, Gold Nugget Cherry, Sungold Cherry, Isis Candy Cherry, Red Zebra, Tumbler

Sema Fino Florence Fennel

Beets: Detroit Supreme, Red Ace, Chioggia, and Golden

Chard: Rainbow, Fordhook Giant, Rhubarb

Peppers: Filius Blue, Garden Salsa

Basil: Organic Sweet Basil, Thai Basil

Squash: one Gold Nugget was ready at the community garden

Potatoes: Red Chief, French Fingerlings

All this has made for some interesting recipes like carmelized figs, fig ginger jam, walnut pesto, and mixed veggies ragu.  I’ll be sure to share very soon.  If I can get out of the kitchen long enough.  help.

About the Author : Stephanie RoseAn artistic gardener aiming to feed the body & soul through an urban potager garden & a community veggie plot in Vancouver.View all posts by Stephanie Rose

  1. vrtlaricaana
    vrtlaricaanaAugust 10,10

    Are those figs on the first picture? I love figs and hope that ours will ripen soon.

  2. Daphne
    DaphneAugust 10,10

    Oh the thought of caramelized figs makes my mouth water. I rarely eat them up here in the north (though supposedly there are varieties that can fruit up here).

  3. Stevie
    StevieAugust 10,10

    Hi Vtlarica – yes, they are figs, from my neighbours tree in Vancouver. I get a bumper crop delivered to my door every year!

  4. Mr Brown Thumb
    Mr Brown ThumbAugust 10,10

    Your tomato harvest is impressive. I have to remind myself to plant more varieties next year so I’m not so dependent on just two of them.

  5. Laura
    LauraAugust 10,10

    Those tomatoes are making my mouth water! Walnut pesto? Say it aint so! :) We need that recipe!

  6. Patsy Bell Hobson
    Patsy Bell HobsonAugust 10,10

    I love to see all these beautiful vegetables, though I’ve never lived where I could raise figs. Your photo is a tomato rainbow. This is truly the month I can eat most meals from my own Garden. You inspire me.

  7. Kat
    KatAugust 10,10

    What an awesome harvest. I love the collection of tomatoes you have, So far I have only harvested a couple of cherry tomatoes. The summer has been so cool and foggy that they are taking forever to ripen.

  8. melanie watts
    melanie wattsAugust 11,10

    I love this time of year, eating mostly from the garden. Your tomatoes look fabulous.

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