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Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

Bloom Day November 15…October 2009

On the 15th of October I was still road tripping through the East so I missed out on my first Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day post.  But as soon as I arrived home I rushed out the the garden with the camera in tow and inspected all that was in bloom, as do most gardeners after being on vacation.  I then promptly put down the camera and forgot about it for a month.  When I remembered, I figured I’d missed the boat so I’d start anew on November 15.  Well that’s today and it is the darkest, wettest day that we have had in a while.  When I woke at the crack of 8:30AM, the sun still wasn’t out, so I baked some scones, had some coffee and waited for the sun.  The clock ticked by as the rain poured down in sheets.  The streets were empty and house lights blazed throughout the neighbourhoods; people were seemingly content to have an official Rain Day (staying indoors in jammies all day sneering at the rain but secretly enjoying the lack of responsibilities while reading and drinking tea).

Rain Day or not, I braved the wet and ventured out to the garden.  I was pleased to see that the Heathers are starting to show their little purple petals, the “Christmas Rose” variegated Hellebore has its first bud in 3 years, and my Black Scallop Ajuga looks particularly striking.  But the lack of light was a deal breaker for the photos; no amount of editing could help these sad snaps so I’m throwing in the soppy towel for November 15’s Bloom Day photos.  I will, however, post what was blooming or looked oh-so-pretty a few weeks ago with the hopes that when there is a break in the sky I can go snap a few more photos of the drippy plants that are showing some interest.  Until then, here are October’s blooms:

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  1. mss @ Zanthan Gardens (Texas)
    mss @ Zanthan Gardens (Texas)November 16,09

    Your sedums are a lovely color but the flower that really catches my eye is the jaunty feverfew. I tried it once years ago and it died. Seeing it again in your photo makes me think I need to give it another try.

    • Stevie
      StevieNovember 16,09

      Thanks. My feverfew was a volunteer – and has been blooming for months. I hope that they work for you next year!

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