Blueberries And Lemon Poundcake

A Berry Good Harvest Monday

This July I have been harvesting all sorts of things.  I wish I had the time to post weekly like so many of the others that list at Daphne’s Dandelions but at least I’m getting something posted!  In the beginning of July I pulled up my garlic from the community garden plot and it looked great despite the rust.  I think there was definitely an effect on the size but there are still some fair sized heads there and it should last us for a few months at least.

Also in the beginning of July I harvested the rest of the peas and composted the vines.  It’s good because I needed the room.  But I did plant a bunch more Mammoth Melting Sugar snow peas at the community garden for fall.

I harvested some kale from the garden plot as well this month as it is doing fantabulous.  I have many bunches of green onions ready to eat and I harvested a head of raddichio this evening.  I also had some rainbow chard from my home vegetable beds tonight and expect that I will be eating that nightly for a week or so.

All month now I have been snacking on blueberries.  I have 5 bushes located in the front potager / perennial garden and 4 of the 5 shrubs are new as of last year so really I’m only eating berries off of one.  But so far it has produced more ripe berries than I can pick and eat fresh so it’s just right and I still have plenty to ripen still.  I eat them in salad and of course on pound cake and whipped cream. mmmmm.

My yellow alpine strawberries are producing berries but I think that perhaps I put too many (5) plants in the small planter on my patio as they are small and turn brown and hard quickly. the leaves are yellowing a but to despite my regular watering, full sun, and fertilizing.  I’d happily accept any advice on improving these plants as this is my first year growing them.

Here are 2 of the ripe ones with a red thrown in for comparison.  They have a unique strawberry favour that I can only describe as strong strawberry with a hint of banana.  They also have the texture of a cooked banana – some what starchy and mushy – but the texture is not off-putting, it’s more “melt in your mouth”.

Finally – lettuce lettuce lettuce!  I have been eating Super Gourmet Salad blend since March from seeds I planted in January.  The heads are just now starting to bolt but I’m hoping I’ll keep them going until at least August.


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  1. Laura
    LauraJuly 19,10

    Oh yum! Your harvest looks delish! I’m drooling over the blueberries. I would love to have bushes. There on my someday list, along with a rain barrel and million other things!

    There are definitely too many strawberries in the planter. Alpine bushes are much more shrub form than the regular strawberries. One in the pot would probably do. Maybe two. Dig out the rest and plop them in between your perennials. They make pretty edging plants. What is the type of Alpine strawberry? Most of what I’ve seen around here is Golden Alexandria, and the leave are coloured that light yellow-y green.

  2. Stevie
    StevieJuly 19,10

    Thanks, Laura! That is super helpful. I’ll dig out a bunch and hope that helps.

  3. Angela
    AngelaJuly 19,10

    You are treating yourself to fabulous desserts, berry’s cake and cream, what could be best!

    The rest of your harvest also looks fabulous, but the blueberries caught my eye because they are hard to grow in my area, our soil is too alkaline.

  4. Priscilla Prince
    Priscilla PrinceJuly 20,10

    Beautiful! I’m impressed with your harvest, great photography. I love the Blueberries and treats, you eat healthy like us! There’s nothing like salad fresh from the garden, we finally enjoyed our organic salad. Growing from seed was definitely worth doing. My husband was also asking about growing Blueberries. Any tips? My Strawberries started to ripen but some kind of bug ate them. Enjoy your harvest! :)

  5. vrtlaricaana
    vrtlaricaanaJuly 20,10

    You have some lovely harvests! I also harvested small garlic heads, they will be difficult to peel, but I’m happy to have them.
    I’m jealous of all the blueberries you have! I have tried growing them once, but it didn’t work. I think that my soil is not acidic enough.

  6. Lisa Anne @This Urban Homestead
    Lisa Anne @This Urban HomesteadJuly 20,10

    YUM! Those strawberries sound interesting. I am going to have to find some of them!

  7. Gardenmom
    GardenmomJuly 20,10

    Beautiful…I love pictures of produce. I just started alpine strawberries this year…I put one little clump in my planter. I am very envious of your blueberries…I have 3 bushes I just put in this year. I can’t wait to have tons of blueberries. I am taking my garlic out this week. Where do you hang yours to dry?

  8. Stevie
    StevieJuly 20,10

    Hi Gardenmom – I hang the garlic on the side of the garage – facing west but under the eaves to keep it dry and out of direct sunlight. It’s been working well.

  9. thyme2garden
    thyme2gardenJuly 21,10

    Your blueberries with pound cake and whipped cream looks absolutely divine. It makes me so hungry I can’t remember what else I was going to say about the rest of your beautiful harvest!

  10. Scott Kronabetter
    Scott KronabetterJuly 21,10

    The Berrys look yummy. I have to figure out how to grow them in containers.

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