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This is the Best Home and Garden App and Here is Why

Reading in the garden on a warm summer day. Soaking in a hot bath. Waiting at the doctor’s office. What do these three things have in common?

They are the times I look forward to sitting back and reading home and garden design magazines. I love to be swept away to a world of beauty and dream about how it can grace my home as well.

If only you could pin, tweet, or share those finds on your social media accounts. If only you could search what’s current from all your favorite magazines at once. If only you could include some of the best home and garden blogs as well.bHome community 600x600


You can! And this is why I love the bHome app. It has taken a relaxing pastime and made it so. much. better.Terrain on bHome App

bHome is a curated community of home and garden design bloggers, magazines, and brands that share one thing: gorgeous, inspirational ideas for your home. Download the app to your phone or mobile device (it’s available at the Apple App store now and Android is coming very soon) and select your favorites to follow. Then you will see what they are posting on their blogs, shops, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and even their music playlists!

Garden Therapy on bHome app
If you are looking for a mobile way to follow Garden Therapy, then bHome is your app. You can keep up with all that is happening right in the palm of your hand by selecting Garden Therapy as the only favorite. But why would you want to? There are so many great bHomers to follow, and new blogs, brands and magazines are being added all the time so you can continue to refine your personal bHome. bHome app

You can scroll through the newsfeed or browse one artist and share anything you find to your own social media accounts.

On Sutton Place on bHome App

My Soulful Home on bHome app


You can search for ideas that are broad like “garden” or “gardening”

gardening garden search on bHome app

Or specifics like “planter”BHome App Planter Search

Or super specifics like “dresser planter”

BHome App Dresser Planter Search
Oh, and if you ever have a question, you can message other bHomers right from the app.

I’m honored to be part of this community and have been overflowing with new outdoor ideas ever since I downloaded the app. Just check out what some of the other bHomers have been digging up (click the photos if you want to read more on any of these):

Bright, Bold & Beautiful on bHome app

Savvy Southern Style on bHome App

Inspired by Charm on bHome App

Funky Junk Interiors on bHome App

At the Picket Fence on bHome AppCraftberry Bush on bHome app

Now that you have seen all that bHome has to offer, I won’t keep you any longer! Go download it and please join me on bHome.

bHome community 600x600

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This is the best new home and garden app and here is why



About the Author : Stephanie RoseAn artistic gardener aiming to feed the body & soul through an urban potager garden & a community veggie plot in Vancouver.View all posts by Stephanie Rose

  1. Kim
    KimApril 14,15

    Great post, Stephanie and I’m glad to be part of this wonderful app with you.

  2. Stephanie
    StephanieApril 14,15

    Thanks Kim! It’s such fun!

  3. GrabCo.
    GrabCo.April 15,15

    Wow, a content curation app specifically for gardeners! I didn’t know one existed, shared this to our followers and looking forward to the Android version.

  4. Laura Trevey
    Laura TreveyApril 15,15

    Hi Stephanie! I’m so happy to be a part of bHome with you :) The app is what brought us together – We are connected in so many ways, except for real life – so hear’s to meeting in person soon!! Have a wonderful week!

    xo Laura

  5. Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse
    Anita from Cedar Hill FarmhouseApril 15,15

    So glad to be on bhome with you! I love the app and love all of your garden ideas!

  6. Stephanie
    StephanieApril 15,15

    I know, Laura, we keep running into each other online…hopefully in real life someday soon.

  7. Stephanie
    StephanieApril 15,15

    Thanks, Anita. You too!

  8. Stephanie
    StephanieApril 15,15

    GrabCo, well, it may not be JUST gardening content, but there is a lot of great gardening design, ideas, and more on bHome, with plenty more to come (we are hoping to add a few more gardening peeps like me very soon).

  9. Shirley/Housepitality
    Shirley/HousepitalityApril 15,15

    bHome is the greatest and so wonderful to be a part of the bHome community with you!!!

  10. Kelly
    KellyApril 15,15

    Stephanie! So very happy to have you on bHome with us. Yes, indeed new garden blogs are joining us in the coming weeks. As our community continues to grow we are adding more and more features to make the experience even better.


  11. Debbie manno
    Debbie mannoApril 15,15

    You rock Stephanie! I love all your garden inspiration too. I have since gotten to you know you since being on the app:) So happy to be a part of it with you.

  12. Kerryanne
    KerryanneApril 15,15

    bHome has certainly changed and improved the way we do things Stephanie. I’m delighted to have you popping up in my bHome ‘ME’ page everyday. You are such an inspiration!

  13. lucy
    lucyApril 15,15

    Beautifully displayed. I’m so inspired by all if these photos xo

  14. Ann
    AnnApril 15,15

    OK…I adore this post! What a great angle and I love your examples of how to use the search. You rocked this! So happy to be on the app with you. :)

  15. Funky Junk Interiors
    Funky Junk InteriorsApril 15,15

    You reminded me just how wonderful this app is. The search feature is amazing! Glad you’re on board, Stephanie!

  16. Karen
    KarenApril 16,15

    I have an android and was unable to find it. Is it not available for android? If not, then boo!

  17. Stephanie
    StephanieApril 16,15

    No, Karen, no Android yet. But soon! You can sign up to get an email announcement when it launches here

  18. Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns}
    Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns}April 17,15

    Love how you so beautifully described bHome! So happy to be on the app with you and am thrilled to be a part of it! :)

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