Dragonfly And Blackberries Medium

Pickin’ Blackberries and Makin’ Jam

Today, on the annual organic blueberry run to Richmond, I stopped to walk the pooch by the Fraser River and found some huge, ripe blackberries that practically leaped into a little beach pail that I picked up for the occasion. I always snicker a bit when I see blackberries on sale around here as they are pretty easy to get a hold of here in BC.  But I guess many folks are too busy to get out and pick blackberries if they want them.

The Himalayan Blackberry (Rubus laciniatus)  is an invasive intruder that can be found by the side of the roads nearly everywhere there is still green space.  There are brambles of the arm-stabbing, leg-slicing, nasty ass blackberries all around my community garden, but I’m fairly cautious about what I get from there given the transient nature of the neighbourhood (I’m putting it lightly – there is quite a bit of prostitution and drug use at night).  I’d much prefer to get out in the woods somewhere as I did today and for my efforts I went home with a pail and a half.  Plus I had a great walk, very much enjoying the first rainy weekend we have had in about 5 weeks, even if I did have to pick around the local wildlife.

Once home, the blackberries were so ripe that really, the only way to keep a large amount is to preserve them.  I call it Stupendously Simple Wild Blackberry Jam because it only has 3 ingredients.  The whole experience was very entertaining so even though it took a whole day, it was a day well spent.

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  1. meemsnyc
    meemsnycAugust 8,10

    I just planted a blackberry plant in our garden. I can’t wait to try your jam recipe. Yummy.

  2. Priscilla Prince
    Priscilla PrinceAugust 8,10

    Looks yummy! I’d like to purchase a canner one day so I can do homemade jams!

    • Stevie
      StevieAugust 8,10

      Priscilla – in the meantime – just use a large pot!

  3. Patsy Bell Hobson
    Patsy Bell HobsonAugust 8,10

    Love blackberries. You’ve sent me on a mission. I had no idea jam was this easy. Thank You!

  4. melanie watts
    melanie wattsAugust 9,10

    I envy you and your blackberries. They don’t grow up here in Northern BC. We have Saskatoons instead.

  5. Michelle's Green Thumb
    Michelle's Green ThumbAugust 9,10

    I’m really hoping the blackberries will produce for us this year on the west side of Vancouver Island. It’s been a few years since we’ve had a good crop – the weather wreaks havoc with them – either there isn’t enough rain & they remain hard, little bullets or there is too much rain & they mold on the vine before they can be picked.

    I’ve just noticed that the end berries are starting to ripen up, so we are about 3 weeks away from being able to harvest to any quantity & I really want to make blackberry jam this year for the Community Craft Fair later in the fall. Seems like not many people know how easy it is to make jams!

    I’ve discovered the local wild trailing blackberry covering the berm beside our property – oh so tastey, but oh so small!! These are reserved for making a blackberry red wine vinegar that is then used in a berry vinegrette recipe for winter salads. I could never find enough to make a batch of jam…

  6. Laura
    LauraAugust 9,10

    Your making me want to go Blackberry picking. I’ve been avoiding this as I’m sure it will lead to me chasing the toddler through thickets of prickles and pain, but that jam look near worth it. Hmmmmm, how can I ditch the kids ;)

  7. michelle
    michelleAugust 9,10

    Yum, that blackberry jam looks SO good. And I love the photo with the dragonfly.

  8. Robin
    RobinAugust 9,10

    Thanks for sharing your recipe…will try it soon!

  9. Dan
    DanAugust 9,10

    Oh that looks tasty! Been canning myself lately. 5 batches of sour cherry jam & 4 batches of baby dill’s. The house has been steamy :-)

  10. thyme2garden
    thyme2gardenAugust 9,10

    Your blackberry jam looks sooo delicious, and that recipe looks so simple, too!

  11. Deb Weyrich-Cody
    Deb Weyrich-CodyAugust 10,10

    Wow Stevie, Your canning shelf must be looking like a collection of precious jewels by now! Don’t you just love the feeling of pride and satisfaction you get? There’s something about getting ready for the winter, stockpiling all of that yummy goodness, that nothing else can compare… ;) D.

  12. Stevie
    StevieAugust 10,10

    Thanks, everyone. I bet you could do this with raspberries or any other berries if you have lots. I appreciate the comments and would love to hear how your jam turns out!

  13. Stevie
    StevieAugust 10,10

    Michelle – that dragonfly must have been having a nap because he just sat there on the berries while I picked, then, when I noticed him, he stayed around for a bunch of photos. A good sport!

  14. Stevie
    StevieAugust 10,10

    Deb, I think I’m addicted to canning. I just can’t stop myself these days. I must be part squirrel.

  15. Eric
    EricOctober 10,14

    I’m looking for a place to buy a jar of blackberry jam…and cannot find it…can anyone help me please?

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