Fall Foliage 1 Large

The Fall Foliage of Vermont’s Green Mountains

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Pie Pumpkins Large

Autumn at the ByWard Market

Woolly mittens, potted mums and pumpkins have a way of making you feel ready for autumn.  Forget the stunning foliage turning fiery colours, the ByWard Market in Ottawa was alight with signs of cooler days.  A few things caught my eye in our nation’s capital that day: The beauty of such a distinct season is not lost on this Vancouverite …

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Prune Plums Custom

Plums Plums Plums

For a brief moment in time I rented a house with a huge Italian Prune Plum tree in the backyard.  When the plums were ready, they would fall off the tree and knock me on the head as if to say, “Hey, pay attention to me!”  And when I finally obliged, I was pleasantly surprised that the tart but sweet egg-shaped beauts …

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Prune Plums Custom

The Original Plum Torte Recipe

This was originally printed in the New York Times, Wednesday September 9, 1992 in an article called Eating Well by Marian Burros. Ingredients:  3/4 c sugar 1/2 c unsalted butter 1 c flour, sifted 1 tsp baking powder Pinch salt, optional 2 eggs 12 Italian prune plums Sugar and lemon juice for topping 1 tsp cinnamon, or to taste Directions: …

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Sunflowers In September 2009 Large

Stunning Sunflowers

These sunflowers blew down from the wind last night so I put them in a vase in front of a royal blue painting. The combination turned out stunning.

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Tomato Bounty Custom

Topsy Turvy Update: Still Ugly, but the Tomatoes are Yummy

At the end of June I posted a summary of my 2008 Topsy Turvy failure and my 2009 outline for success in Topsy Turvy: Ugly as Stink But Good Tomatoes. And a sucess it was!  In August and September, I have had more tomatoes than I knew what to do with.  It’s mid- September, and they are still going strong.  I …

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Oven Dried Grape Tomatoes Large

Oven-Dried Grape Tomatoes Recipe

These oven-dried grape tomatoes make me feel like I’ve been transported to Italy, and they’re a cinch to make. I love tomatoes no matter what, but one of my favorite ways to eat them is when they’re dried. Drying the tomatoes brings out their flavor, making them taste bolder and more rich.  You don’t need a food dehydrator to make these tasty dried …

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Beans And Banana Pepper Large

Why I Love My Heirloom Veggies…

I grow heirloom veggies because 1) who needs flowers?, 2) mmmmmmmmm, and 3) I can save the seeds and grow them year after year.  Now I must go eat them.  Come here my pretties….

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Fallen Apple Sauce Custom

The Rise Again of the Fallen Apples

At my community garden, there is an organic heritage orchard with a number of large apple, pear, quince, and Asian pear trees.  There is also a bunch of rows of espalier apple trees.  The heritage apple varieties on the espaliers are so unique that I thought it would be fun to pick up the fallen apples and make an applesauce …

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YZmX2uCakooeogmrq7OFRrbxo1 500

Sweet Fennel – the second showing

Back in the spring I planted sweet fennel.  I got about 8 bulbs in by half wine barrel planter.  In a short time, the bulbs grew to 2.5” as shown here.  I could eat them…but I waited longer, they got bigger and sweeter.  I cut them back for a few dinners here and there, careful to leave the roots in tack, just …

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IMG 3242 Custom1

Adopted White Hydrangea

Last year someone ripped this pretty little Hydrangea out of their garden and threw it into the sidewalk.  I saw the sad little guy and planted him on the city property in front of my house.  He survived a tough cold winter and a summer of heat and humidity before he gave me one pretty flower ball to say, “thanks for adopting …

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E VAN Garden Tour 3 Edited2

East Vancouver Garden Tour

Back in June I went on the East Vancouver Garden Tour and saw 12 private gardens and a few others as I passed by on the walking tour.  This beautiful front yard garden is almost completely covered by a magnificent old Japanese Maple.  From the street you can see only the large mass of leaves but if you follow a …

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  1. Allison Taylor
    Allison TaylorMarch 16,16

    Great ideas. I totally love the carpet gardening. I’ve tried to create something similar in my small backyard garden, but didn’t have much of a success. You inspired me to try again, though, and will definitely do it.

    Regards, Allison from

  2. Barry
    BarryApril 21,16

    I landed on your site as i was looking for inspiration to give our garden a makeover this summer. What an impressive site, Fantastic pictures along with even better content, ive subscribed! Thanks, B

  3. Taylor
    TaylorApril 22,16

    Great blog, great tips.

  4. Paul Grant
    Paul GrantOctober 11,16

    Such a great resource! I really love reading about composting. It is indeed an environmentally helpful way to improve the garden soil and reduce waste.

    These advises has a great impact to the readers who would like to know about garden projects. Two thumbs up!

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