Artichoke In Bloom Medium

Spotted: Blooming Artichokes

If artichokes usually come in a can or jar in your house, then are you ever missing out. These mammoth tender perennials put on quite a show in the garden. They start with loads of serrated edge leaves in a beautiful silvery grey-green that will quickly fill up a back border. When the green globes grow they produce the meaty leaves and tender choke that we so love to chow down on (particularly when it’s a steamed artichoke with caper mayo dip).Artichoke Blooming

If you happen to miss the harvest, then you will still get a treat. The globe will open to a bright purple flower that will continue to add drama to the garden. Even if you only have a small space, this multi-tasking veggie is a great addition if you can grow it in your climate.


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  1. Robin Horton / Urban Gardens
    Robin Horton / Urban GardensAugust 14,13

    Love these. I saw these for the first time last year at the famous Columbia Road Flower Market in London. Had to buy several for my hosts and, though they were so heavy it took a while to find a container that didn’t topple over, they looked amazing in my host’s house.

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