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Garden Therapy Book Club: Reviewers Wanted


UPDATE: The reviewers have been chosen for the first book.  Please read the full post (or click “continue reading” if you see a break).  At the end you will find out how to keep in touch with Garden Therapy so you can be the first to hear about the next call for reviewers.



Would you like to participate in Garden Therapy Book Club?  I’m looking for reviewers to read  the selected book, try a project or concept, and share it on Garden Therapy.  The goal is to get some rich discussion and different perspectives on popular gardening and garden-related craft / project titles.  

  • Four reviewers will be chosen each month to receive a copy of the book that will be sent to you free of charge.
  • Whether or not you like the book, you will be asked to send a short review with photos of your projects.  Again, you don’t have to like the book, you just have to read it.  And your project doesn’t have to be a huge success, you just have to try.
  • You may also write a longer review with more photos on your blog or website which we can direct readers to.

The first group book will be The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Your Own Food 365 Days a Year, No Matter Where You Live.

While only 4 people will be chosen each month to be sent a copy of the book and have a review published, a different 4 reviewers will be selected in each subsequent month.  Reviewers will ideally be from different geographical areas and backgrounds to ensure diversity.

Even if you haven’t been sent a copy as an official reviewer, you can still participate in book club!  Grab a copy at the library or bookstore and joining the discussion on the review date.  If you write up something  on your website or blog, we will link to it here as well.  Participation is a great way to get chosen as a reviewer for future books.

Garden Therapy Book Club will run monthly with reviews published on the third Wednesday of each month starting with April 18, 2012.

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About the Author : Stephanie RoseAn artistic gardener aiming to feed the body & soul through an urban potager garden & a community veggie plot in Vancouver.View all posts by Stephanie Rose

  1. mona seeger
    mona seegerMarch 7,12

    I would love read this book and try some projects!!!

  2. Robin
    RobinMarch 7,12

    This book is actually on my “to get” list. I would love to review this book!

  3. Cindy Bray
    Cindy BrayMarch 7,12

    Living in Alberta, Canada it’s difficult to grow veggies. I would love to try some techniques and projects from this book. I’m planning to revamp my vegetable garden this spring.

  4. Debra Smith
    Debra SmithMarch 7,12

    Would be happy to participate in a project. I saw Niki Jabbour last weekend and heard her speak about year round gardening. It was so inspiring and I am interested in trying some of her tips!!! she really had great excitement and tips!!!

  5. Corrine Dahling
    Corrine DahlingMarch 7,12

    Would be happy to participate as well.Live on vancouver island and sometimes it rains for days and then is very cold. I would love to read this book and try some tips as well :)

  6. Zoe Rohr
    Zoe RohrMarch 7,12

    I would love to participate! I am trying to make my garden its very best this year!!

  7. Aagaard Farms
    Aagaard FarmsMarch 7,12

    I’m with Cindy – interesting to see just how ‘year-round’ some of these techniques may be in Manitoba!

  8. Michelle
    MichelleMarch 7,12

    Hi, I’m a gardener in Southeast Alaska. I live on 10 acres of forested land next to Lynn Canal. I’m always looking for more garden reading material. I’d love to participate in your book reviews.

  9. Rich
    RichMarch 7,12

    Hi, I garden 5000 square feet just outside Lincoln, Nebraska (challenging summer growing conditions)and am looking to try to get some acres and go full time providing produce to local businesses. I would love to review or help out some way. Thanks, Rich.

  10. Veronica Martinez
    Veronica MartinezMarch 7,12

    I live in Argentina and have been trying for years (four in fact, since I moved to a house with a big garden) to grow my own plants, fruits and veggies with not very optimistic results. I see my aunts’ glorious gardens and I envy them! I would definitely want to try the ideas and projects in this book!! Help me!!

  11. meemsnyc
    meemsnycMarch 7,12

    I’m definitely interested in being a reviewer! Please count me in, or for future books!

  12. Molly
    MollyMarch 7,12

    Ooooooh! Me please! I live in lovely zone 7 here in Asheville, NC. We do our very best to garden year round, but still need some tips. I almost always have a garden book or two that I am reading at any one time and would love to be a reviewer. I am an active extension Master Gardener to boot!

  13. Janet
    JanetMarch 7,12

    I am in South Florida, Zone 10B and I would be very interested in reading your book, writing a review, and trying a project…I have been doing a lot of research lately on sustainable living and would love to read about vegetable gardens. I am a new gardener to South Florida where the heat of the summer and the pests are very challenging for gardeners. If I don’t get pick this time around please keep me in mind for the next one.
    I love what you are doing…this is a great way for people to get involved with sustainable living and share ideas

  14. Africanaussie
    AfricanaussieMarch 7,12

    oh I would love to be a part of this project. I live in tropical Australia – would you send a book here? I grow a lot of different types of tropical fruits and vegetables and would love to get the word out as there is not enough information about how to grow ginger, turmeric, lemongrass loofas etc. Some of these plants can be grown in hothouses in cooler climates.

  15. Caty
    CatyMarch 7,12

    I would love to review this book–in fact, I already have it, read it cover to cover, and it is loaded with bookmarks already. It is a wonderful book! If you can message me privately, I can share some additional info about the book. Highly recommended!

  16. Ariana
    ArianaMarch 8,12

    I would love to review a copy of this book! I am living in England, and after taking a 2-year break from gardening because of travel, I am super excited to get my hands back in the dirt!

  17. Tina White
    Tina WhiteMarch 8,12

    While I do not have a website and am in no way a gardening expert I would love the opportunity to review this book. I live in PA and I am diligently looking for ways to expand my garden and knowledge. I love the many benefits of gardening especially knowing I have a healthy, self-reliant, and inexpensive way to provide food for my family.

  18. Susan
    SusanMarch 8,12

    I don’t have a website, but I do like growing my family’s food. I would love to review any book that has to do with gardening therapy that involves edibles. I’m always willing to try new things–such as making maple syrup from my trees for the first time this year. Please consider me when choosing reviewers for your books.

  19. Paul
    PaulMarch 9,12

    I’ve been reading the Kindle version of this book and find it to be one of the best extended season books I have seen in a very long time. The author is based out in Nova Scotia, which is roughly equivalent to USDA 5 or 6, so if you live in that kind of climate you will get some great ideas. However, the book is written from the point of view of your average frost date, so if you know your spring and fall frost dates you can determine your sowing dates from that. She also has some nice examples of cold management technologies such as fleece, hoops, cold frames and so on. It has certainly inspired me to start sowing early cold season veggies such as leeks and brassicas this week.

  20. Selene L'Heureux
    Selene L'HeureuxMarch 10,12

    I live in Spokane WA., which is zone 5/6. I have just turned my basement into a grow space and successfully pulled broccoli, green beans, and soy beans over the winter. I look forward to the last frost date , as I desperately want to dig in the dirt. My husband and I have some fun plans for the back yard. I would love to read the book, as I can use all the information I can get. It looks like a fun read.

  21. Trina
    TrinaMarch 14,12

    I live in Minnesota (zone 4) so I do a lot of “hot bed” gardening in the winter that my granddad taught me. I’m always looking for ways to bring fresh produce into our diets especially in the winter. I can’t wait to get this book!

  22. Danielle Toronyi
    Danielle ToronyiMarch 16,12

    Hey there,

    This sounds like a fantastic idea! I would love to volunteer to participate. As a landscape architecture graduate student I could contribute a different perspective to your upcoming reviews, and also gain exposure for my small Etsy shop – Biophilia – where I sell permaculture gardening kits, botanical medicine, and other goods.

    Also, I’m located in Raleigh, NC… and after this “winter”I think we have determined that we don’t ever have to cease food production. Pretty fantastic.

    Best of luck!

  23. Madelaine
    MadelaineMarch 17,12

    Hey! I’d love to do some crafting/reviewing :)

  24. Emma
    EmmaMarch 17,12

    I’d be interested!

  25. Deborah
    DeborahMarch 19,12

    I have this book on my “wishlist” on Amazon, and I would love to review it! I have a small allotment at a community garden in Brooklyn – given the small amount of space, I am looking for ways to make it as productive as possible for as much of the year as possible. This looks like a great source for ideas about how to do that.

  26. Andrea
    AndreaMarch 19,12

    I would be very interested in volunteering.

  27. Maria Zannini
    Maria ZanniniMarch 19,12

    I’d love a chance to review this book. Many of my reviews appear on Goodreads. (I’m the only Maria Zannini there the last time I checked.)

    I live in Texas where I garden for nine months out of the year. I’m also the author of fiction and nonfiction titles.

  28. Liz
    LizMarch 19,12

    This is a fun idea! I would love reviewing a book…or at least reading the reviews that come in.

  29. Christine Cassidy
    Christine CassidyMarch 19,12

    I garden in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico and am always interested in ways to extend my harvest year round. Would love to read this book and review it. I am also a Master Gardener and have written a column on veg gardening for our local newsletter.

  30. Elena Williams
    Elena WilliamsMarch 19,12

    You can count on me! I will read and try and review.

  31. Jennie
    JennieMarch 20,12

    I always like to try new things but don’t always get them done. knowing that i’m being held accountable for a project will help get me going. I live in Oklahoma if you need to know my geographical location. thank you!

  32. Karen
    KarenApril 9,12

    Hello. I would like to be considered for upcoming review opportunities.

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