Beautiful Ornamental Edible Container Garden

A Vegetable and Herb Planter Pretty Enough for the Front Door!

Now here are some great tips for mixing up edibles and ornamental plants to make a gorgeous planter that you don’t just harvest, but that you can display with pride! Please welcome our friends over at Brolly to share with us how to plant and protect these beauties. They really know how to keep container gardens beautiful.

To win your very own large Brolly, read on! Entry instructions are at the end of the project.

~Beautiful Ornamental Edible Container Garden

Why go with just flowers or foliage in your container? Mix them up with edible herbs and vegetables that can be just as striking. Savor the color, texture, and taste of a magnificent tapestry and make your patio stand out from the pack. Or place it at the front door to welcome guests in style.Designing an Ornamental and Edible Container Garden

How to Make a Mixed Container Garden

The first step is to choose the right mix of plants. Choose your selections so they thrive in the same type of soil, drainage, and level of sun/shade. Go shopping at your garden center and read the tags to look for similar requirements in the plants you love. Put them all together in your cart to see if you have the right mix of edible and ornamental.

Sunny Container Garden Example

Flowers: periwinkle, pansy, lantana, salvia
Herbs: basil, sage, rosemary, parsley, and oregano
Vegetables: tomato, pepper, eggplant
Foliage: snow in the summer, stonecrop, hens and chicks, lamb’s ear

Part Shade Container Garden Example

Flowers: begonia, violets, torenia
Herbs: chives, parsley, mint, lemon balm, anise hyssop, sweet woodruff
Vegetables: lettuce, beets, carrots, radish, Swiss chard, kale
Foliage: coleus, oxalis, bloodwort

Next pick a great pot that has proper drainage. A good rule of thumb is a 1 inch hole every 6 inches. Remember that metal containers tend to become very hot in the summer and will affect delicate root systems, terracotta pots are pourus and need more watering, and plastic pots retain the most moisture. Self watering containers have a reservoir that will lessen your need to water, which is a great thing during busy and hot summer days.

To plant your pot, choose a good quality container soil with added compost or organic fertilizer. We recommend one third garden/regular soil, one third lightweight soil (potting mix), and one third peat moss or commercial soil conditioner that helps to prevent soil compaction inside a confined space. Your pot will be showy and full of life, and this will lead to a need for regular fertilization. And don’t forget watering! If you can also add a drip irrigation line, watering will be a snap.

How to Plant an Ornamental and Edible Container Garden

When putting all of this effort into a showy garden, it’s not much fun to have to drag it to a sheltered spot in the event that the weather has turned. Heavy rains or blistering sun can stress out the planter and ruin all of your hard work. Our secret tool is a Brolly. An ingenious container protector that you prepare for when you plant. Simply add the base of the brolly to the bottom of the pot, fill with soil, and plant it up. Then come rain, sleet, wind, or scorching sun, you are ready to pop on the Brolly top and protect your pot! This assembly that can be used to temporarily shield the plants can also be used to protect your plants in their early stages or before the risk of frost has passed.

Brolly Protects Your Container Garden

Brolly Pot Protector Kits

Now go set that planter out at your front door, and know that it will look stunning for many more months to come, no matter what mother nature throws at you.Ornamental Edible Container Garden

Beautiful aromas, sensational senses and a glorious summer to all!

Brolly has been kind enough to offer a  discount to all Garden Therapy readers from August 9-23, 2013. Just enter the code “GARDENTHERAPY” when you check out and your order will be 35% off!

Want to win a Brolly? Sure you do! Residents from Canada and the US can win a large Brolly, by simply leaving a comment on this post before August 9, 2013. This contest is now closed. Congrats to Claire who won a large Brolly!

The preceding guest post was shared by our friends over at Brolly. Brolly was developed due to many years of frustration and disappointment with annual container plantings, caused by intensive winds, scorching sun and lashing rains. A group of professional gardeners and engineers came together and designed a practical, REMOVABLE system that temporarily SHIELDS and PROTECTS annual container plantings when harsh and damaging conditions prevail. The protective canopy can be installed in an upright position, or can be pitched (by means of the bendable arm), to any angle or direction required, delivering thorough protection and shielding for the plants. This INNOVATIVE and EFFECTIVE product will enable your plants to flourish, ensuring beautiful, lush containers throughout the entire growing season.

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  1. Melissa Rondez
    Melissa RondezJuly 23,13

    I am sharing this on my page because these container gardens are great for small spaces and you can have a whole salad or dinner menu delivered right to your front or back door. Excellent idea for those who live in an appartment, condo or manufactured home (like myself) or even those who don’t. Large yards could place them on steps, up a walkway, porch or pool side and they would look fabulous as well.

  2. Julie
    JulieJuly 23,13

    What a great idea. I just moved to a place with two south-facing balconies, and learned the hard way that some plants scorch very easily. I would love to try out a brolly.

  3. Diane
    DianeJuly 23,13

    I just shared this project on Facebook. :)

  4. Diane
    DianeJuly 23,13

    Shared on Facebook.

  5. Jessica
    JessicaJuly 23,13

    Very cool set-up! So posh!

  6. DogsMom
    DogsMomJuly 23,13

    I need all the help I can get!

  7. DogsMom
    DogsMomJuly 23,13

    Shared on FB (Laura Dogsmom)

  8. DogsMom
    DogsMomJuly 23,13


  9. Robin Gardner
    Robin GardnerJuly 23,13

    Very neat ideas! lots of possibilities opened up with the ‘Brolly’ ! Fun!

  10. Trisha
    TrishaJuly 23,13

    Brilliant! All the plants in my porch rail planters have been decimated by heavy rains. My future flowers will be better off now that I know about Brolly.

  11. Emilia
    EmiliaJuly 24,13

    First time I have seen this. It is perfect for that sunny spot on the balcony

  12. carmen
    carmenJuly 25,13

    Brilliant. Wow. Must have.

  13. claire ashworth
    claire ashworthJuly 25,13

    I would love to win one!

  14. Alisa
    AlisaJuly 25,13

    As always, everything brilliant is simple! Thank you, thank you for bringing a great idea into the world! =))

  15. Peggy
    PeggyJuly 27,13

    With all the rain we’ve had this year, my planters all need umbrellas!

  16. Peggy
    PeggyJuly 27,13
    added to my pinterest board

  17. Midge Evans
    Midge EvansJuly 27,13

    Really a great idea.

  18. linda tanner
    linda tannerJuly 27,13

    I wish I’d thought of this! I recognized the need but didn’t know anything was available. What a great idea!

  19. Cathy
    CathyJuly 27,13

    I just shared this on Facebook and Pintrest.

  20. Donna J
    Donna JJuly 27,13

    What a totally awesome idea. This is the first time I have seen a Brolly. Now I want one.

  21. Dolly Sarrio
    Dolly SarrioJuly 27,13

    Yes please enter me this is fabulous! I love the whole idea of this item, that I had never seen before your post. I ran across you on Hometalk and now follow you there and here and will share the giveaway on Facebook now. Thanks,

  22. carol
    carolJuly 27,13

    I would love this on my ramp and my daughter and grand daughter would love putting plants in it as so would I. we love all our flowers .

  23. Jetty Birdsong
    Jetty BirdsongJuly 27,13

    What a great idea! I need a few of these!

  24. Sonja Belanger
    Sonja BelangerJuly 28,13

    Love this idea! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I would love to try the umbrella..what a great idea! :-) Sonja

  25. Hank Wolgast
    Hank WolgastJuly 28,13

    I have a south facing elevated deck and this would be the perfect soloution to my sun problem for my plants.

  26. Laurie Anderson
    Laurie AndersonJuly 28,13

    I wish I had heard of Bolly before the multi 90°+ days we had recently. My heirloon tomatoes almost died from the heat off my deck. This is a ingenious product that I hope to see more in stores for other gardeners who love to have beautiful flowers dispute the weather. I think it would be worth having several in my yard, ether I win a Bolly or not! Thanks for smart plant saver!

  27. Elisa
    ElisaJuly 29,13

    I just love this!

  28. Laura
    LauraAugust 2,13

    I just did a V8 head smack. This is PERFECT for my central Florida garden!

  29. Laura
    LauraAugust 2,13

    just repinned, too. :)

  30. Nathalie
    NathalieAugust 6,13

    I followed them on Twitter and if you use the code LAUNCH20 at check out, you can get 20% off your purchase – I literally love my Brolly it has saved all of my container plants on my NYC balcony. This 90+ degree weather is insane!!

  31. Cara Frey
    Cara FreyAugust 7,13

    I love this idea. Many herbs are very beautiful in their own right, not just for what they can be used for.

  32. Kelli Crosby
    Kelli CrosbyAugust 7,13

    Love the art and technique of putting all beautiful into one awesome portrait of beauty.

  33. Donna H
    Donna HAugust 8,13

    Would love to win this!!

  34. Sarah Burtch
    Sarah BurtchAugust 8,13

    I would love a chance to win this container!! I happen to have a perfect spot for it!! Happy gardening!

  35. Sarah Burtch
    Sarah BurtchAugust 8,13

    I am trying my hand at another entry by adding this to my garden love board!!

  36. Sarah Burtch
    Sarah BurtchAugust 8,13

    Who needs the $415 million power all when you can win a Brolly! And I tweeted about it too!!!

  37. Sarah Burtch
    Sarah BurtchAugust 8,13

    Rolling the dice by sharing the love on my Facebook page too!!

  38. Helen L
    Helen LAugust 8,13

    Great idea. I know where the Brolly will go!

  39. Claudia
    ClaudiaAugust 9,13

    I love beautiful and practical things. This is awesome.

  40. Jo Lynne Brothers
    Jo Lynne BrothersAugust 9,13

    OMG, a few weeks ago I might of laughed at this, but after 20+ inches of rain in the past 2 weeks, oh how I wish I had one!! Love it!

  41. Jo Lynne Brothers
    Jo Lynne BrothersAugust 9,13

    posted on FB

  42. Jo Lynne Brothers
    Jo Lynne BrothersAugust 9,13

    following on pinterest

  43. claire ashworth
    claire ashworthAugust 12,13

    Amazing, thank you!

  44. Deborah
    DeborahSeptember 7,13

    Excellent idea. Something to definitely work on next spring!! I truly believe that everyone should grow their own herbs…not only are they gorgeous to look at and smell, but it’s way more cost effective than buying them at the store!!! <3 Thanks!

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