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essential oil blend to scent pinecones

Homemade Scented Pine Cones and a Pretty DIY Diffuser

Smelling your favorite fragrances can make you feel relaxed, revitalized, and comforted. Use natural essential oils to fill your home with the warmth of the holidays by making this pinecone aromatherapy diffuser! Scented pine cones are easy to make at home, as long as you follow a few important steps.    Materials Decorative bowl or dish Pine cones Essential oils …

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Garden Superstitions History and Folklore

Common Garden Superstitions and Their Origins

Do you share gossip with your bees and avoid stepping in fairy rings? There are many garden-related superstitious practices that go back to ancient times. Whether or not you believe in these garden superstitions, at least they are interesting and fun to read about—and hey, talking to bees can’t hurt, right? You may be surprised at what is considered lucky …

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amber bug soap

Amber Fossilized Insect Soap

Have you ever seen an insect fossilized in amber? Amber is tree sap that has hardened over a very long time, and there are many specimens that have perfectly preserved insects suspended inside the stone—some of them millions of years old! Because amber preserves insects so flawlessly and for so long, scientists have used it to learn about some of …

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Fall Garden Watering Tools Care Guide

Get Ready for Winter: Garden Watering Tools Care Guide for Fall

Fall is a great time to inspect and repair watering tools no matter what climate you live in. If it becomes a habit to regularly maintain the tools before the cold of winter comes, you will be sure to start off the next season on the right foot.  Before the first frost, have a look at your faucets, hoses, nozzles, …

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Take a virtual tour of the Everett Children's Adventure Garden

Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at the NYBG Children’s Adventure Garden

If you have never seen pumpkinhead scarecrows before, then you are in for a treat! Scarecrows are nothing new; they have been used in agriculture dating back thousands of years to spook animals from farmer’s fields. Some records date them back to ancient Egypt! The scarecrows at the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden at the New York Botanical Garden are much less …

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These veggies taste better after the frost hits

Vegetables That Get Tastier After a Frost

That first frost can be a sad time for gardeners because it is often thought of as the end of the time of year when we can harvest garden produce to eat. However, there are actually lots of vegetables that not only withstand the frost, but actually taste better after the temperatures drop! These vegetables get sweeter after being kissed …

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