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Euphorbia Large

The Aliens Have Bloomed: Euphorbia

I like to post flora on Fridays that are blooming in my area so a few weeks ago when I was touring the Olympic fun I noticed that skunky smell which could only mean the Euphorbia is in bloom. Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfenii, or Wood Spurge, is the most common of the Euphorbia found in Vancouver although there are so many other …

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Pink Magnolia Bloom

Magnolia Bud

Not sure a macro lens was needed for this orange-sized magnolia bloom but it sure got some beautiful detail.  Hubby took the photo while I was off too busy chasing the tiny dog around the garden while admiring all the beauties about to bloom.  I think the stormy grey sky actually compliments this pretty pink bud.

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I Say Narcissus, You Say Daffodil…

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Vancouver Skyline With Olympic Rings GOLD Large

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Day 16: Vancouver Skyline is Gold

Canada won 3 gold medals today tying for the most number of gold medals won by any country during the Olympics.  If we win gold in hockey tomorrow, we will set a new record.  Our friends to the South also broke records today winning the most medals by any country in any Olympics, with 37 medals (including hockey) for the US.  Way …

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Radish Seedlings On Toast And Egg

Radish MicroGreens for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

My radishes are growing so well under the umbrella greenhouses that I started thinning them this morning.  Not one to throw away fresh greens, I topped my breakfast with the culled radishlings. Radish microgreens are quite the lookers, with frilly green leaves above a bright red root that will eventually be the round, crisp root vegetable we know so well. …

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Olympic Crowds Downtown

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Day 11: Crowds! Downtown

Downtown Vancouver is something to see right now.  On Day 11 of the Olympics, I went downtown to do some Olympic sightseeing.  I went to visit Robson Square, the Olympic Cauldron, Olympic Village, some Pavilions, and just generally be outside in the bedlam.  And bedlam it was.  A sea of people everywhere you turned (in many places, especially the Skytrain, …

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