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Ideas For Gardening With Kids

Crafty Garden Projects for Kids

Getting kids into the garden has been a long-time passion of mine. I volunteer at a wonderful program that brings city kids to a farm once every 2 weeks for the entire school year to learn about growing food from seed, and even cooking with it! I suppose that’s why I have created so many crafty garden projects for kids. …

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The Earth Laughs In Flowers Free Printable

The Earth Laughs in Flowers Free Printable

How does your garden grow? Is it bursting with veggies or a peaceful retreat? I love a bubbling fountain, the shade of a maple, and salads filled with backyard harvests. Yet none of those garden delights holds a candle to flowers. That’s why I love this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “the earth laughs in flowers.” The joyful bursts of …

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Garden Therapy May Have Some Weeds

A Good Garden May Have Some Weeds

Not long ago I hosted a party at my home and was surprised that one of the guests’ first response to the garden was, “It sure needs a lot of work!”. This wasn’t said to me, for if it was I would have simply brushed it off as 1. I like the “work” (it’s more like play), and 2. garden …

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You Can Bury A Lot Of Troubles Digging In The Dirt Free Printable

You Can Bury a Lot of Troubles Digging in the Dirt

Bad hair day? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, head on outside and bury those troubles! And when you come back inside, here is a little reminder for you. Print it off and frame it, or use it as wallpaper for your mobile. Printable: You Can Bury a lot of Troubles Digging in the Dirt 8×10 Mobile Wallpaper: You …

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Meatball The Boston Terrier

Play in the Dirt! Free Printable

If you have a dog, you may have the displeasure of caching Spot digging up a nice chunk of your yard. Yet, if you look beyond your perfect turf being uprooted or seeing your dahlias demolished as dirt flies everywhere, you may see joy. Puppy-like enthusiasm for making holes must unearth bits of happiness because you can clearly see a …

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Heirloom Tomato Seedlings In Coconut And Peat Pots Medium

More in a Garden Grows than what the Gardener Sows

As I look out at the garden with its leaf litter and sad looking soil, I’m excited for the greens that will shoot up again soon. It’s time to plan the garden, start some seeds, think about improving the soil. While the work of the first few months of the gardening year isn’t bountiful, the muck that gets stuck to …

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