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Spotted Outdoor Patio Poetry 2 Medium

Spotted: Poetic Patio Set

This patio set may not look so special on first glance but there are two more things about it that you should know…

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Artichoke In Bloom Medium

Spotted: Blooming Artichokes

If artichokes usually come in a can or jar in your house, then are you ever missing out. These mammoth tender perennials put on quite a show in the garden. They start with loads of serrated edge leaves in a beautiful silvery grey-green that will quickly fill up a back border. When the green globes grow they produce the meaty …

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BBQ Planter Medium

Spotted: BBQ Turned Planter

On a recent trip to the island, I happened by this BBQ planted up with pretty annuals right at the front of a home. I can only wonder what other fabulously creative garden designs you would find as you delve deeper into the property. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll get an invite one day.  

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Bike Rim Trellis

Spotted: Bicycle Wheel Trellis

This bike wheel trellis is not only an ingenious recycling project, but also a great way to grow peas. I just happened to be walking by it and knew that I had to share the project here.

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Copper rain chain DIY

Spotted: DIY Rain Chains

The project on my current Covet List is a DIY copper rain chain. I love how it creates movement in the garden, directs water in a stylish way, and gets a beautiful patina over time. I love this simply laid out project on Instructables by Tool Using Animal for making a rain chain from copper tubing. In my search for creative rain …

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