Vancouver Skyline With Olympic Rings GOLD Large

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Day 16: Vancouver Skyline is Gold

Canada won 3 gold medals today tying for the most number of gold medals won by any country during the Olympics.  If we win gold in hockey tomorrow, we will set a new record.  Our friends to the South also broke records today winning the most medals by any country in any Olympics, with 37 medals (including hockey) for the US.  Way to go North America!  The beautiful Vancouver skyline as seen from Stanley Park shows the Olympic rings in gold to celebrate our success today.

Also, on a much less cheery note, the rocky waves in the ocean tonight were a result of the earthquake in Chile.  We are thinking about everyone affected by natural disasters lately and are hoping for safety to those in tumultuous areas as we watch the restless sea.

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  1. Grace
    GraceFebruary 27,10

    Beautiful photo. I’m an American but I have to say I’m rooting for Canada’s hockey team. Hockey is in your blood and you deserve the win.

  2. Frances
    FrancesFebruary 28,10

    Thanks Stevie, for these Vancouver updates! I love seeing your photos of what is looks like in the city, and your narrative of the feel of having all these extra folks there. It is all so exciting and the best TV watching in the world. Sadly it will soon be over and the vast wasteland that beams into homes will return. I wish it could go on and on.

    The recent catastrophes remind us of the power of the earth, and how like little ants we are in scheme of things. My heart bleeds for all the victims of the violence.

  3. Mike
    MikeMarch 4,10

    I love it, was it’n a party. We need more of this!!!!
    This country needs more of this!!!

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