Purple And White Crocus

A Wee Lull In Early Spring: Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

I was very excited for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day this month because Spring has arrived very early this year.  I was adding top soil to the beds in January (JANUARY!), I’ve been sowing the veg seeds outdoors for 6 weeks now and it seemed like there was no end to the masses of bulbs blooming this past February, so I figured this was surely to be a glorious Bloom Day.  To my dismay the 15th of this month seems to be an official lull in the garden.  The crocuses, snowdrops, and bergenia that I have been bragging about for weeks are all dying down, cherry blossoms are littering the streets and garden beds with pink petals as they come to the end of their bloom cycle, and the next wave of blooms have yet to show their faces.  That’s not to say that nothing is blooming.  The daffodils are in full swing and the grape hyacinths have bloomed and I have lots of interesting things here and there, but I’m still waiting for my magnificent tulips and mini magnolia to open up signifying the true start the year’s flower show.

Given that other parts of the country are still fighting snow, these blooms are certainly nothing to sneeze at—well, except for all of those allergy sufferers out there.  There are a few gems that are just starting while others are wrapping up which leave me wanting a bit more WOW.  Hmmm, it looks like I’ll be taking a trip to the garden centre this week.

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  1. Dirty Girl Gardening
    Dirty Girl GardeningMarch 15,10

    gorgeous pictures… love the color contrasts.

  2. Laura
    LauraMarch 15,10

    Great pictures! I look forward to the next wave of blooms. I agree though, there is a lot out there, you just have to go looking for them.

  3. andrea
    andreaMarch 15,10

    looks great! have fun on your garden center adventures…

  4. Aerelonian
    AerelonianMarch 15,10

    Those are all very lovely. I’m a little jealous. Very diverse and very beautiful. We only have witch hazel and snow drop blooming now (London, Ontario).

  5. Dan
    DanMarch 15,10

    Beeeutiful! :-)

  6. Seasonal Wisdom
    Seasonal WisdomMarch 15,10

    Wow, you have lots of lovely things popping up already in the garden. Your photos are beautiful. Spring has really arrived in your neck of the woods. Teresa

  7. lostlandscape (James)
    lostlandscape (James)March 15,10

    It’ll almost be a shame to eat that cauliflower! Congrats on the early spring. I guess I’m not surprised with your weather since Vancouver was so much in the news for the Olympics. Enjoy your blooms!

  8. Brad B
    Brad BMarch 16,10

    Wow if that’s your lull, you’ll get no sympathy here. Really beautiful blooms.

  9. Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings
    Dee @ Red Dirt RamblingsMarch 16,10

    It’s looking pretty good to me. :) Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

  10. Grace
    GraceMarch 16,10

    Hi Stevie~~ Aw yes. That “you-shoulda-seen-the-garden- last-week” syndrome. I’m indeed familiar with it. Thank God for cameras. I’m curious about the broccoli looking purple cluster on the fourth row down far right. What pray tell could it be? Gorgeous collage!!

  11. Garden Lily
    Garden LilyMarch 16,10

    Nice photos. Fun to stumble upon a gardening “neighbour” – I’m next door in Burnaby.

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