Emily Mackenzie Crocosmia

Emily Mckenzie Crocosmia

While most of the crocosmia I have planted in my garden is nearly finished blooming, the smaller Emily Mckenzie crocosmia is in full bloom.  I’m happy that she has a prominent spot in the front garden, and that she occasionally turns a bloom upwards letting is all see her decorative colours.


The rest of the crocosmia is ready to be divided.  It’s easy this time of year, just grab a clump and pull to thin them out, or dig up the whole bunch and put back a quarter of them.  I like to leave some adorning the garden as the seed knobs take on interesting shapes.  In a few weeks the bulbs will turn orange and it’ll be like a second blooming.

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  1. Grace
    GraceAugust 28,10

    While I typically don’t do orange in my pink garden, I discovered a mysteriously orange plant the other day. It was Emily blooming away behind an arbor. How she got there is anyone’s guess. The flowers are too pretty to yank out. I might be a convert. I look forward to the seedpods.

  2. Jo
    JoAugust 28,10

    Beautiful photo’s!

  3. quinten
    quintenAugust 30,10

    I really like those seed heads.

  4. Shelleyp
    ShelleypSeptember 17,11

    I just bought an Emly McKenzie Croscosmia in a small pot. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada.
    Do I plant it in the gound now (Sept) or wait until spring. Will it survive our winter in the pot sheltered from the winter? zone 5 to 7
    thank you

    • Stevie
      StevieSeptember 19,11

      Hi Shelley, I would plant them in the ground now with a nice mulch over them. They should be fine through the winter if planted now. Thanks for stopping by.

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