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Garden Therapy’s Favourite Uncommon Goods

I’ve recently been embracing my uncommon gardener. I’ve never been one for traditional planters or formal gardens, but as the seasons change and the garden is forever on my mind, I like to have a quirky project or two to work on when the weather is not tempting me to the yard.

I also think that a garden should be full of whimsy. Teeny tiny plants tucked into a miniature garden make you pause and contemplate perspective. Succulents turned into art via wreaths, frames, or vintage planters turn plants into the paint for your garden art canvas. And colourful feeders for bugs, birds, and other desirable wildlife that take on the unexpected, like a bird cage feeder, with the door left open of course!Garden Therapy's Favourite Uncommon Goods for Garden Lovers

I am always looking for unique projects or garden-y art to add to my crazy garden and I was delighted to be contacted by UncommonGoods to introduce their unique products and handmade wares. How did I not know about this shop? Seriously!? Unique / handmade / garden/ food stuff galore? These folks are after my own heart!

It’s UncommonGoods mission to support and provide a platform for artists and designers with half of the goods for sale being made by hand. Most are locally made (lots of Made in USA and Canada here) and  there is a large portion of the collection incorporating recycling and/or upcycling.

They have a huge product catalog so I have scoured through it page by page to find the absolutely coolest UncommonGoods that get the Garden Therapy stamp of approval. Once you have read through them all and visited the UncommonGoods website yourself, check out how you can WIN a $50 gift card to buy ANYTHING you want. Anything. (Contest entry at end of this post).

Marimo Moss Ball Light Bulb Aquarium

 Marimo Ball Light Bulb Terrarium found at UncommonGoods


Sara Reynold’s light-bulb-turned-ecosystem is probably one of the most adorable things on the site. I was immediately smitten as I have wanted a marimo ball aquarium for a while now. These living moss balls are naturally occurring in lakes around the world. The gift of a Marimo ball is said to bring good luck. Not bad for something that only requires a water change every 2 weeks. Get one here.


Aquafarm found at UncommonGoods

This fish bowl / planter is the embodiment of a symbiotic relationship that brings new meaning to fish food. The plants growing in the top tray thrive on the nutritious water below, while the plant roots purifies the water for the fish living below. This would be a fabulous planter to grow herbs in, and a fun project to do with kids.

Butterfly Puddler

Butterfly Puddler found at UncommonGoods


This pretty “puddler” is handcrafted in Canada by Amaranth Stoneware using recycled glass & highfired stoneware. I had no idea what this was until I read the instructions:

Place the butterfly puddler in a sunny, protected place in your garden. Fill the well with sand, & then cover with water. Butterflies crave the minerals & salts left behind as the water evaporates. Refill with water when needed. You can also place overripe fruit on the puddler, or add a pinch of salt to the water to allure the butterflies.

Now I can’t live without one.

Garden Tool Box ToteGarden Tool Box Tote found at UncommonGoods

I love how craftsman, Beau Lyday’s, tool box tote is made of solid wood with bevel details. Since it’s covered in milk paint you know the finish will be durable. But more importantly this tool box is sturdy enough to carry tools inside and the handle is a removable rake that you can use to loosen soil before you plant. If you have a small space, you don’t have to hide your tools, the tote is decorative enough to leave out. Find it here.

Succulent Living Wall Planter KitSucculent Living Wall Frame Kit found at UncommonGoods

Succulent Galore designer, Heather Auchter, created this kit to take the garden off the ground. If you live in the US, the kit comes complete with the rustic wood frame and 20 succulent cuttings. When your creation is complete, it can be hung on the wall or set on a table.

Mushroom KitMushroom Kit found at UncommonGoods

Not long ago we had a guest post on growing gourmet mushrooms in your back yard. Now that project looks amazing but if you want to get your feet wet with a starter kit, then this is just the thing. In as little as ten days you could be enjoying fresh pearl oyster mushrooms. What a fabulous gift this would make.

Trio Bud VaseTrio Bud Vase found at UncommonGoods

This beautiful zebra wood wall vase was designed by Nani Cabada of Working Class Studio, a venture project supporting students and alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design. It’s hard to believe that this refined piece of art was created while she was a student. I think it is the perfect set of vessels to decorate a wall. Plus you can change up the design by adding flowers or foliage to suit your mood.

Micro-Greens KitMicrogreens Grow Boxes found at UncommonGoods

These stylish window planters come with either a spice kit (containing Shungiku Chrysanthemum, Japanese Mibuna Mustard and Daikon Radish) or a veggie kit (conatining Red Acre Cabbag, Mini-Carrot Greens, and Tom Thumb Pea Greens). The recycled steel box looks a whole lot nicer than the salad box I’ve been using to grow micro-greens.

Living Roof Birdhouse KitGreen Roof Birdhouse found at UncommonGoods

This living roof birdhouse kit is another creation from Heather Auchter. The kit comes with everything you need to give your feathered friends the hippest house in the ‘hood: birdhouse, succulent cuttings, moss, and soil.Enter to WIN an Uncommon Goods $50 Gift CardDid you fall in love like I did? Well then let’s get you entered into the contest to win a $50 gift card to UncommonGoods! They also have a pretty fabulous Mother’s Day collection you can see here.

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Uncommon Goods however all of the opinions are mine. I wouldn’t support a company that I didn’t love and think that you would love them as well. 

About the Author : Stephanie RoseAn artistic gardener aiming to feed the body & soul through an urban potager garden & a community veggie plot in Vancouver.View all posts by Stephanie Rose

  1. Ann @ Such a Mama
    Ann @ Such a MamaApril 1,14

    I love the garden tool box!

  2. Barb Rosen
    Barb RosenApril 1,14

    Thanks! Now I know what to ask for for Mother’s Day this year! I’ll just send my family this link : )

  3. Jacki
    JackiApril 1,14

    I gotta say that I am leaning towards the succulent planters – but I love the moss ball too! Oh, what the heck – all of them are cool!

  4. Jenn Erickson/Rook No. 17
    Jenn Erickson/Rook No. 17April 1,14

    My girls would really dig the fish condo for their goldfish, Carl.

  5. Stacy Risenmay
    Stacy RisenmayApril 1,14

    Oh man! I am obsessed with unique planters so I don’t know for sure. One of each??? :)

  6. Maggie
    MaggieApril 1,14

    I would get the record clock.

  7. Tara
    TaraApril 1,14

    What a fabulous collection of gorgeousness! I love that living roof birdhouse… and the fishtank!?!? I’ve promised my girls one when we move into our new house.

    I would be thrilled with an Uncommon Goods GC – there are so many things I would scope out!

  8. Kelly D
    Kelly DApril 2,14

    I would get the Owl Bowls – Set of 3

  9. AmyKuhn
    AmyKuhnApril 3,14

    I love the succulent living wall planter kit. That is super cool. I have tried to do more with succulents this year, I love their textures.

  10. rachel
    rachelApril 3,14

    I love their fun little baby gifts…and the postcard that contains a garden!

  11. Vickie Ballard
    Vickie BallardApril 5,14

    Wow! That’s a hard decision! Probably between the Living Wall Planter and the Light Bulb Planter! :) L0VE everything!!!

  12. Kristi
    KristiApril 6,14

    The wall planter kit is so cool!

  13. Lynda Del
    Lynda DelApril 7,14

    I like the Bad Dog Diner Mugs set.

  14. Linda
    LindaApril 7,14

    I would get the Gardener’s Compost Container

  15. Cadry
    CadryApril 8,14

    I would get a couple of Ooma bowls!

  16. Cindy
    CindyApril 12,14

    Just found this blog and I’m hooked! The photos, the content, the spontaneity ~ captivating!

  17. Jenn
    JennApril 12,14

    I’d probably get the birdhouse kit.

  18. Katherine Donovan
    Katherine DonovanApril 12,14

    Their name says it all, uncommon goods! I love so many pieces it would be hard to just pick one. I love the bowls, jewelry, picture frames, just to name a few

  19. kelly m
    kelly mApril 13,14

    I really like those agate coasters

  20. Olivia D Hamilton
    Olivia D HamiltonApril 13,14

    I would love to get a bird feeder. I have a ton of different birds around my house but no feeder yet. Thank you!

  21. Piper
    PiperApril 13,14

    I’d use on the unusual planters!

  22. Bev
    BevApril 13,14

    I would use the gift certificate towards handmade ceramic bowls!


  23. Shannon - AKA Design / Bloggers & Brands
    Shannon - AKA Design / Bloggers & BrandsApril 14,14

    I LOVE the Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit!!!

  24. Britt @ My Daily Randomness
    Britt @ My Daily RandomnessApril 14,14

    I am obsessed with succulents lately! That living wall planter kit is something that I definitely NEED! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  25. Christine
    ChristineApril 14,14

    WOW!! Everything is so unique and pretty!

    I’d probably get the Stoneware Flower Mugs! So cute!

  26. Thea
    TheaApril 14,14

    These are fabulous products. I am an avid gardener and there were several that caught my eye when I check Uncommon good’s website. I have to admit my favourite is the Butterfly Puddler. What a brilliant idea and it would look great in the garden. I was thinking a few placed in different locations would be perfect.

  27. Julie F
    Julie FApril 14,14

    I love the Butterfly Puddler

  28. Tia
    TiaApril 14,14

    That mushroom kit looks amazing!! I’d totally pick that up :) Thanks for sharing the giveaway — cool stuff!

  29. Bev
    BevApril 14,14

    I would use the gift certificate towards a tea from around the world set!

  30. Shauna
    ShaunaApril 15,14

    The succulent wall planter looks fun!

  31. Tina
    TinaFebruary 15,15

    You have so much fun! Your ideas are so cool. It is great to get kids involved in gardening. When I was a kid my parents owned a large greenhouse operation. The four of us kids got to plant a 6 ft x 30 flower garden with left over bedding plants at the end of the season. We all got prizes – such as a day at the zoo, or similar, each child was awarded something they valued. We also had more than an acre in vegetable gardens. Of course, we love our veggies to this day.

    I would like to extend an invitation to all readers from the Lower Mainland to go to our website and enter to win a one cubic metre bag of garden soil. Use coupon code BYB234. Share the code on your social networks too. Happy Gardening!

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