VanDeusen Gardens Festival Of Lights 2009

Festival of Lights at VanDusen Gardens

If you are looking for a fabulous garden event in the winter, look no further than the Festival of Lights at VanDusen Gardens. More info here.VanDusen Gardens Festival of Lights

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  1. melanie watts
    melanie wattsJanuary 8,10

    Beautiful. I have never been to VanDeusen gardens, even though I lived in Vancouver for 7 years. I need to go.

  2. Dan
    DanJanuary 8,10

    What a wonderful shot, nicely taken.

  3. Stevie
    StevieJanuary 8,10

    Thank you Dan!

  4. Stevie
    StevieJanuary 8,10

    Yes, Melanie, you should go. Every season is different with lots of to see. And they have great courses too.

  5. Mike Klein
    Mike KleinJanuary 12,10

    I go to the Wild lights at the Columbus Zoo in ohio every year and this year they were all LED which were amazing. I have the pictures on my blog, you should check it out.

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