Bergenia Blooms With Red Stem

Flora Friday: Bergenia

I think Bergenia is a great border or edging plant on the West Coast because this fast growing perennial’s elephant ear-shaped leaves often turn a dark burgundy colour over winter and send out these lovely pink blooms in the late winter / early spring.  Bergenia is quick to fill in a forgotten corner of the garden or adds low maintenance beauty under trees.  I use it as edging for my flower beds, under my dogwood, and to reduce soil erosion on a stepped bank near the neighbours.

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  1. Sunny
    SunnyFebruary 22,10

    I love Bergenia’s what a great plant!

  2. rebecca sweet
    rebecca sweetFebruary 25,10

    I love Bergenia more and more…it tends to be overplanted out here and therefore deemed ‘unexciting’, but it’s such a trooper in both the sun and shade. I even found one last week which says it bears a cherry-red flower! Can’t wait to see it in bloom!

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