Hardy Blue Passion Flower Vine

Hardy Blue Passion Flower

At the rental house before I bought my current home there was an alien-like passion flower vine that serpentined around the iron fence up front steps.  It was obviously old and established because it set of a profusion of flowers each year and produced many egg-shaped little orange fruits.  I never tasted one for fear of the unknown but I did enjoy my one season with the vine tremendously (I’ve since learned that the fruits are edible indeed).

When I moved into my new house the following year, I went straight out and bought a passion flower along with an Italian Prune Plum tree which I also adored during my time at the rental.  To my dismay, it died that winter.  I bought another the following year and it died over winter too.  I certainly wasn’t about to try a third time (at $18 a pop) so I grieved and moved on.  Until one day a interesting plant collector traded me a Hardy Blue Passion Flower that was already more than 10 feet long!  I planted and trellised it last year and just as the plant collector assured me, it WAS hardy enough to survive!

I now have an amazing twining vine above the apple espalier arbour and ducking under the variegated butterfly bush.  I’m so happy to once again enjoy the most unique and stunning blooms.  All hail the Hardy Blue Passion Flower – I hope to someday try your fruit.

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  1. melanie watts
    melanie wattsAugust 7,10

    A lovely story Stevie. It has such a pretty flower. Does it have a fragrance?

  2. Stevie
    StevieAugust 7,10

    Thanks, Melanie. And yes, the flowers are fragrant.

  3. luna miranda
    luna mirandaAugust 8,10

    i posted this flower last week, and learned it’s name.:p i remember my grandfather had some passion fruit but i didn’t see its flowers.

  4. Grace OLsson
    Grace OLssonAugust 8,10

    I like so much the meme Flowers from today cause I read many and many stories….and I learn more, every week with different people.
    The first time I found this flower was at a client house…I did not get to take her photos before to pick some of it…and love it.
    Great shot, dear
    Have a nice week

    The dog passport? I never have heard about it untilthe afternoon in Skövde….

  5. Eileen
    EileenAugust 8,10

    Wonderful post, Stevie! Your hardy Blue Passion Flower is gorgeous.

  6. Lui
    LuiAugust 8,10

    Well, it looks so full of passion, lol ;-) I love the Croscomia too in your previous post.

  7. April
    AprilAugust 8,10

    This is a very lovely flower. I used to live in the lower mainland many years ago, and I still miss the Italian Prune Plum trees.

  8. Laura
    LauraAugust 8,10

    All hail indeed! I love this flower! So cool! It almost doesn’t look real. It looks like you made a great deal, what was your trade?

  9. guild-rez
    guild-rezAugust 8,10

    Interesting post.
    I consider the Passionfruit – Passiflora plant as a tropical plant. Here in Toronto the plant is brought inside the house placed in a sunny window until next spring.
    Great picture!!

  10. Priscilla Prince
    Priscilla PrinceAugust 8,10

    Very interesting flower and it looks beautiful! I wonder how the fruit taste. Awesome photograph. Have a great weekend Stevie!

  11. Stevie
    StevieAugust 8,10

    Laura, I traded a most interesting plant, solanum mammosum, commonly known as nipple fruit!

  12. Stevie
    StevieAugust 8,10

    Oh and thanks for all the great comments lovely peeps.

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