Witch Hazel Diane

Flora Friday: Witch Hazel Diane

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  1. Abby Palmer
    Abby PalmerJanuary 29,10

    Wow – what a stunning photo, Stevie. You’ve got some talent!

    And what an interesting colour…I’ve never seen witch hazel so reddish orange before. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Stevie
    StevieJanuary 29,10

    Thanks Abby, I’m blushing an orangey-red (AKA Diane) colour.

  3. Laura Livengood Schaub
    Laura Livengood SchaubJanuary 30,10

    Stevie, that’s gorgeous! We don’t do witchhazel around hear (that I’ve ever seen anyway) so it’s a mystery to me. That color is fabulous; their shape reminds me of Loropetalum (probably related!) Thanks for sharing, gorgeous photo!

  4. rebecca
    rebeccaJanuary 31,10

    oh I love spring the best beautiful pics of the flowers Stevie have a great week Rebecca, oh maybe you could do a guest post with some snaps for chow and chatter on your love of gardening
    rebeccasubbiah at yahoo dot com

  5. Frances
    FrancesJanuary 31,10

    An ode to Diane is coming up from my neck of the woods soon too, Stevie. She is the best thing going on, maybe the ONLY thing blooming at the moment, even with snow all around her. This is the most cheering of flowering trees for the time of bloom, even if she wasn’t so beautiful! BTW, we eat quinoa for breakfast every morning! :-)

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