Front Garden April 2010 2 Medium

A Snippet of My Front Garden

I’m really happy with how this part of my front garden is coming together.  The other areas are still filling in for the season but I’m happy with the mix of colour and textures here.  The plants that work best for me?  Mini, dwarf, teeny – call it what you want – the small cultivars  are most successful in a tiny urban garden if you want to have lots and lots and lots of plants all crammed in together.


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  1. Susan Crawford
    Susan CrawfordApril 18,10

    Very pretty. Vancouver must be a great place to garden.

  2. Laura
    LauraApril 18,10

    I love it! It’s like I blinked and the perennials appeared! Your beds are looking beautiful!

  3. miss m
    miss mApril 18,10

    Lovely combos creating a fabulous border… and pretty much what June looks like around here … *sigh* lol.

  4. Stevie
    StevieApril 18,10

    Susan, it is! and thanks.

    Laura, thank you – your’s are too I see – I love your tiered corner garden.

    Miss M – we have had a very mind winter – so we are far ahead too. June will be here soon enough :)

  5. Gillian
    GillianApril 18,10

    Very pretty, and I love how you have interesting foliage as well, so you dont have to rely on so many flowers, which ocme and go.

  6. greenwords
    greenwordsApril 18,10

    It’s sublime…lovely emphasis on foliage. You must be thrilled!

  7. Linda
    LindaApril 18,10

    Lovely combination of textures and shapes! You’ve every reason to be pleased.

  8. Carri
    CarriApril 19,10

    Oh my goodness it looks beautiful!

  9. 2sweetnsaxy
    2sweetnsaxyApril 19,10

    I can see why you’re happy with it. It looks wonderful!

  10. Dan
    DanApril 20,10

    Beautiful! I like more full your garden is.

  11. KatieLovesDogs
    KatieLovesDogsApril 21,10

    What a lovely front yard!!!!

  12. Elisabeth
    ElisabethMay 9,10

    Love visiting this site. Your garden is beautiful, loved the mushrooms and I am going to enjoy making pumpkin muffins. Many thanks.
    A. Elisabeth

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    hydroponic tomatoesSeptember 11,10

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