Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for July

Here is what’s blooming in my garden this July.  Hover over a photo to see the name or click the thumbnail for a larger pic.  Enjoy!

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  1. TufaGirl
    TufaGirlJuly 15,10

    What a lovely collection of blooms.

  2. Gayle Madwin
    Gayle MadwinJuly 15,10

    I like the Centaurea picture best. Such beautiful colors!

  3. Heather @ Dusty Bay
    Heather @ Dusty BayJuly 15,10

    Wow! What an amazing collection of beautiful blooms! Can’t decide which I like best…. probably the blue in that hydrangea is fantastic!

  4. Laura
    LauraJuly 15,10

    Great pictures! I love the blueberry shot, and the daylillies! You have some great blooms right now! Wow! The passion flower is stunning!

  5. Crafty Gardener
    Crafty GardenerJuly 15,10

    What a lovely photo display of your blooms for July. I’m a day behind for Bloom Day.

  6. Velva
    VelvaJuly 15,10

    The only thing blooming in my garden right now is weeds (laugh). Your garden flowers are amazing. Love it!

    btw, my Wordless Wednesday photo was a photo of wine aging in a cave. I took the photo while in France.

  7. meemsnyc
    meemsnycJuly 15,10

    Oh my, what a beautiful array of pretty flowers.

  8. Aerelonian
    AerelonianJuly 15,10

    Love the photos! Your bloom day was much more colourful than mine. That is a TONNE of strawberries. Yum.

  9. Priscilla Prince
    Priscilla PrinceJuly 16,10

    Beautiful blooms Stevie, I love it! The Lilies are gorgeous. Oh and thanks for the strawberry jam recipe, I might have to try that. I don’t know if I’ll have enough strawberries from the garden, they’re starting to bloom but not enough for a jar of jam! By the way how did you do the thumbnail for your garden photos?

  10. Stevie
    StevieJuly 16,10

    thanks everyone!

    Priscilla, you are welcome for the recipe – hopefully you get some strawberries soon. I use wordpress and insert a gallery of photos as opposed to adding each photo one by one.

  11. Larry
    LarryJuly 16,10

    Looks great… love the passion flower! Larry

  12. Carri
    CarriJuly 16,10

    I love the layout you do with your pictures- everything looks so bright and colorful!

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