Mitten Sweater Large

Go Canada Go: Mitten Sweater

To show my support for Canada in the gold medal hockey today, I made my dog a sweater out of a red Olympic mitten.  He gets the other one as a toy.  He’s happier than he looks in the photos.   Go Canada Go!

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  1. Aerelonian
    AerelonianFebruary 28,10

    I love it! That’s absolutely adorable! He does look a little sad though…

  2. Dan
    DanFebruary 28,10

    Well I guess use Canadian’s know how to win a hockey game! Cool doggy outfit :-)

  3. melanie watts
    melanie wattsMarch 2,10

    It was a great party eh? winning the mens hockey game made it perfect!

  4. Garden Lily
    Garden LilyMarch 16,10

    Gosh that’s adorable.

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