White Goldenrod Crab Spider On Drumstick Allium Large

Garden Visitor: Goldenrod Crab Spider in White

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  1. Priscilla Prince
    Priscilla PrinceJuly 17,10

    Great shot! What kind of camera do you use? Ours doesn’t have the super macro feature so I can’t get a very close up picture of a bug, it comes out blurry! I’m getting tons of practice with photography and becoming more interested in it. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Heather @ Dusty Bay
    Heather @ Dusty BayJuly 17,10

    I’ve got the same ones on the Shasta Daiseys – much to my 4 year old sons delight! Amazing how they can catch bees, eh?

  3. melanie watts
    melanie wattsJuly 18,10

    Great shot, such a nice colour contrast.

  4. Grace
    GraceJuly 18,10

    To be completely honest, I hate this spider. It will sit there like a smarty-pants and capture unwitting, hungry honey or bummble bees as they come for the nectar. This is just wrong. Granted they’re cool looking spiders and you’ve got a great photo but I have to wonder what God was thinking. :)

  5. Dan
    DanJuly 18,10

    Very nice! My mom just got a shot of one of these on a St.John’s Wort. It blended so well she did even see it until it was on the computer.

  6. Laura
    LauraJuly 18,10

    Freaky looking thing!

  7. Stevie
    StevieJuly 19,10

    Priscilla – I use the DH’s DSLR camera with a macro lens to get good close ups – in fact he took that shot of the spider. It was still not as sharp as it could be becuase the darm allium kept swinging from the wind. DH will probably try again as spidey seems to live on that allium now.

    I put some info about my camera and lenses here: http://gardentherapy.ca/old-and-new/

  8. Stevie
    StevieJuly 19,10

    Heather and Grace – He caught a bee yesterday and ate it head first which was both gruesome and fascinating. I’m not sure I like him any more. I’m torn. I love both bees AND spiders.

  9. Stevie
    StevieJuly 19,10

    Maybe I can train him to eat only yellow jackets….

  10. Marie
    MarieAugust 13,10

    I’ve never seen such a cool looking crab spider in person. I live in Phoenix and have seen plenty of giant crab spiders, they are gross looking. The white one you found actually looks pretty on the flower- great photo!

    • Stevie
      StevieAugust 13,10

      Thanks, Marie! Yes, the goldenrod spider is pretty, but the ones you have are really not. yick!

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