I Say Narcissus, You Say Daffodil…



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  1. Beccah
    BeccahMarch 3,10

    Beautiful! i LOVE daffodils!

  2. Grace
    GraceMarch 3,10

    A daffodil by any other name is still a daffodil! And a beauty at that.

  3. Julie Jordan Scott
    Julie Jordan ScottMarch 4,10

    I say gorgeous!

  4. Stevie
    StevieMarch 4,10

    Thanks for all of the comments – I am lucky to get to enjoy my neighbours bevy of daffies so I don’t plant any myself. I’ve been labeled a yellowist before, and it’s a true label in the front garden with the exception of yellow crocuses, squash flowers and the odd sunflower planted by the birds.

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