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WANTED: Italian Soda Maker – SodaStream or Soda Siphon?

They other day I saw a giveaway for an Italian Soda Maker and I was immediately smitten.  It was for the Penguin by SodaStream. With this soda maker, you add a glass bottle, some flat water, and a CO2 cartridge and voila – fizzy water.

I have been making syrups lately (like amaretto caramel and blackberry cordial) and I also see blueberry infused vodka and limoncello in my very near future.  While I love making soda with these delightful syrups, I find the whole process of soda so wasteful – cans and bottles to recycle, and lots of flat soda poured down the sink.

I can definitely see myself loving a soda maker, but I do wonder how well they work and how economical they are.  I’ve been hunting for the more traditional soda siphon or seltzer bottles as well but so far they are hard to find.

Does anyone out there have one?  How do you like it and where can I get one?

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  1. meemsnyc
    meemsnycAugust 31,10

    Ooooh, this would be so awesome! I want one too!

  2. Jolinda
    JolindaAugust 31,10

    I haven’t seen these but if you get one I’d be interested in how they work.

  3. petegoodlet
    petegoodletAugust 31,10

    Generally retro stores or ebay!

  4. powervicky
    powervickyAugust 31,10

    Williams-Sonoma has them.

  5. gardenfix
    gardenfixAugust 31,10

    I have no affiliation with these guys, but they’re online:

  6. Stevie
    StevieAugust 31,10

    thanks!! Will look into it. Found some on Amazon – so far so good!

  7. Rosey
    RoseySeptember 1,10

    My brothers and I bought one for my Dad for Father’s Day and he loves it. He is diabetic and loves to drink diet soda. He got the Soda Stream. I hope you love whatever you decided to purchase!

  8. Stevie
    StevieSeptember 1,10

    Hi Rosey, I never thought of using it without sugar – but I suppose I could even use stevia or agave syrup which is healthier than sugar. Thanks for the input!

  9. Gillian
    GillianSeptember 2,10

    Stevie, we have a sodastream which makes about a litre of soda, and if you get one, make sure you use chilled water – it seems to keep the aeration better. I add passionfruit juice to it -half and half and it is yummy.

  10. William
    WilliamOctober 3,10

    The soda stream is pretty pricey – perhaps wait for it to come down in price to make it economical…

  11. Soda Siphon
    Soda SiphonOctober 16,10

    There is more info on Soda Siphons at

  12. Sandra Rickey
    Sandra RickeyAugust 5,12

    I was lucky to receive a Soda Steam as a Christmas gift. It is great and very economical to use. I purchased extra bottles to keep several flavors in the fridge. I had added different frozen concentrates to the fizzed water and they worked out great. I have also simply added lemon zest to the water before fizzing and this is great. I say, go for getting one, but don’t try to cheap out. I think this is one time where you get what you pay for. Perhaps someone will get you one for your birthday!!!!

  13. Sam
    SamNovember 23,14

    Hi there I receny brought a old Victorian pub, left behind where a great number of 1920 vintage siphons if interested please email me thank u

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