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It’s Canning Season

It’s that time of year again that keeps my hands and my senses overloaded.  I hoard fresh produce when I see it at a market or farm, or by climbing my neighbour’s trees like a squirrel and collecting way to0 many figs, or by diving deep into the wild blackberry brambles for fresh blackberries.  I can’t help it.  It’s a compulsion.

Here are a few photos of the harvesting frenzy for the last full week of August.  How can you blame me for stocking up?

Figs are abundant again on my neighbours tree although not as much as they were last year.  I made balsamic, fig, & rosemary preserves, dried figs in my dehydrator, and plan to make whole figs in a balsamic syrup.

I picked up pickling cukes at a farm this year for the first time and they are pickling away in my dining room.



My secret blackberry picking spot was loaded this year so I made blackberry pie, blackberry jam, blackberry & blueberry jam, and froze some for baking and ice cream.



The tomatoes are staring to come in as well, some of which have seen dehydrated, others made into sauce for the winter.


Any other squirrels out there stocking up for the winter?

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  1. Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand
    Annie Haven | Authentic Haven BrandAugust 29,11

    Wow, what a harvest you’ve put up Lovely here’s to #FreshFood!

  2. Allison
    AllisonAugust 29,11

    How wonderful! I wish I had that much to store. I will be canning lots of Apples soon though! And just did 10#’s of Roma ‘maters for sauce.

  3. Lynda
    LyndaAugust 29,11

    Your pie is making me drool! I’m working on canning/dehydrating figs and elderberries this week..then the tomatoes…hundreds of pounds of tomatoes!

  4. Priscilla
    PriscillaSeptember 1,11

    Hi Stevie. Your pie looks beautiful! Are those tomatoes from your garden? Not all my tomatoes are ripen yet. In fact, I have other veggies that I’m waiting for and the end of the growing season is almost here. This year has not been as good as last year’s harvest with the stress of moving. My seedlings traveled so far from CA to ID then it was a very wet spring here, plus everything had a late start. Anyway, there’s always next year. Hope you have a great week!

  5. Lisa and Robb
    Lisa and RobbSeptember 2,11

    We’ve been making jam all summer, and harvesting honey from our beehives. I have some tiny baby fig trees. I wish I had a source of backyard figs!

  6. Brooke
    BrookeSeptember 5,11

    I found your labels (while hunting for onion confit recipes) – thank you so much for posting the templates!

    I am impressed with your canning plans! Tomatoes were last week. Last night I put up 4 batches of raspberry jam (each a different type) using homemade apple pectin and today I made an apple-onion-strawberry jam and a blackberry jam (because my left over raspberries didn’t make it over night).

    Keep canning! -Brooke

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