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Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Day 8: Granville Island

Granville Island is always a fun place.  The market showcases wonderful culinary ingredients for both the pros and the home chef.  The artists’ studios produce handmade originals from jewelry to apparel and invite you in to see the process.  The buskers in the centre court are top notch entertainers.  And Granville Island is also the home of Emily Carr University of Art and Design so it’s no wonder there are so many creative types around.

It’s a treat to walk along the boardwalk to see the houseboats or the parade of mini water ferries marching to take tourists downtown.  And when you are ready to settle in for the evening, a wide range of great restaurants and entertainment abound.

The additional events that are scheduled for the Olympics, plus the warm sun and happy buzzing of tourists from around the world, made for a perfect Day 8 (last Friday) at Granville Island.  The Island is the Official French Quarter, and the Place de Francophone (French House) served French food and music while broadcasting all of the events in French.  The Cultural Olympiad has brought in many forms of art to Granville Island, including works from the Portrait Gallery of Canada, a wide range of concerts and a very cool parade of characters from Big NazoCODE Live 2 at Emily Carr University of Art and Design showcased all sorts of interesting projects as well.  I particularly liked Electromode and Company Keeper and Emotional Ties which showcased apparel with all sorts of mechanical functions resulting from interaction with the wearer or others.  While one outfit barked, another flashed LED messages and yet another molded to the wearer’s body shape when they put it on.

With all of these cultural events and performances going on, one could still not forget why everyone is here in Vancouver.  The sea of red Canada hoodies from HBC and Roots were on about a third of every person, and the rest wore Canadian, US, German, Russian, Dutch, Australian, or one of the many other countries’ emblems in support.  There were smiles on faces despite the crowds, and delight from many to just bask in the sun by the ocean and mountains while enjoying the “Winter” Olympics.

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  1. melanie watts
    melanie wattsFebruary 22,10

    Yours is hr second blog post I’ve read about what is going on on Granville island during the Olympics. It is always a busy place, it must be absolute mayhem now!

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