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Edible Flower Collection Kit


Eat your flowers! Flowers are not only beautiful in recipes, but they have unique and interesting flavors as well. Some have tart, bitter, and spicy flavors that add some kick to salads and savory dishes. Others have a sweetness that adds punch to your punch (or other beverages) and desserts!

Grow your own edible flower garden this season with the help of this kit, which included everything you need to grow, harvest, and prepare a variety of flowers for culinary enjoyment.

The Edible Flowers Kit includes:
• Jewel Nasturtium Mix seeds
•Cool Wave Pansy Mix seeds
•Costa Calendula Mix seeds
•Penny All-Seasons Viola Mix seeds
•Golden Sweet Pea seeds
•Zucchini Elite Squash seeds
•Green Chive seeds
• 4 exclusive recipe cards
• 1 Jiffy Greenhouse Kit
• A copy of the culture and seed starting guide for the kit


The Natural Beauty Recipe Book and 7 limited edition Garden Therapy seed packets are all included in this kit

Natural Beauty Seed Collection DIY Kit


Grow your own natural beauty garden and craft up homegrown plant-based skincare with this DIY gardening kit. The collection comes with seven hand-selected seed varieties essential to a beauty garden, and The Natural Beauty Recipe Book (print edition) filled with over 30 recipes you can make easily at home.

The Natural Beauty Seed Collection Kit includes:

•The Natural Beauty Recipe Book (print edition) by Stephanie Rose
•Costa Calendula Mix seeds
•Mini Blue Lavender seeds
•Lavender Vera seeds
•Peppermint seeds
•Lemon Balm seeds
•Goldy Double Sunflower seeds
•Centaurea Classic Artist Mix seeds


Read more about each variety: Grow a DIY Plant-Based Skincare Garden

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