Preserving or Serving Green Onions

This week I dug up and  harvested my raised lettuce bed.  I always plant plenty of green onions in this bed and so I had a large harvest to deal with.  I called out to the Twitterverse for help and got a whole bunch of creative responses:

Jennah jennahw  Can you dry them and make a seasoning salt w/some herbs? (green onions) #gardenchat

snarkyvegan snarkyvegan  I’ve read a tip somewhere to chop em and freeze em in a water or soda bottle then you can pour/shake them on stuff later.

Kaizen KaizenGarden there is a terrific hot sauce served with fried snapper on the beaches of Kingston Jamaica that uses green onions!

Teresa O'Connor SeasonalWisdomToo many green onions? My fav ideas are freezing, grilling whole + eating lots in salads/mexican/asian #gardenchat

ScazzaSofija scazzasofija  scallion pancakes; Deborah Madison recipes: scallion crepes with bok choy; corn fritters; noodle nest soup

Karen Fowler woodlandsmom65  if you have a dehydrator, you could dry them & make onion powder. I didn’t know they would freeze either!?

Bren BG_garden  What to do with the onion : PICKLED ONIONS are awesome horsd’oeuvre at parties!

Melissa J Bond MelissaJBond  chopping and freezing in small portions are GREAT to toss in your winter meals :)

Monica Lippingwell monicamaple Potato salad, egg salad & mexican for a few weeks?

Anne greenleanings  When I had a bumper crop we ate lots of Mexican & Asian foods. We chopped & put them in everything, grilled them whole, etc.

I made buckwheat crepes with green onion, tomato sandwiches with green onion mayo, and since this has barely made a dent, I plan to freeze some for my winter recipes and dry some in the oven.  Thanks to all of my wonderful twitter friends for sharing their green onion wisdom!

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  1. Sondra Van Huss
    Sondra Van HussApril 20,13

    Dig up large clumps of the green onions, soil and all, plant in an inside container with dish underneath, place in a sunny window, don’t over water, and eat green tops all winter long! All the energy goes into the tops so the bottom part of the onion shrivels and is of no use but you can clip the tops for omelets, stir fries and anywhere you need green color and a slight onion flavor.

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