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Ornamental Edibles Seed Kit + RooApron


Who says the vegetable garden has to be arranged in neat rows and square beds? I say “grow your vegetables anywhere!” Put them in the front flower beds! Grow them in containers! Add them to the front porch! These ornamental edibles are so pretty that you’re going to want to grow them on center stage.

To celebrate all of the gorgeous, unique edible plants out there, I’ve put together this Garden Therapy Limited Edition Kit that has everything you need to grow your own edible garden that is as beautiful as it is delicious.

The Ornamental Edibles Seed Kit includes a nifty, machine-washable harvest apron that makes collecting your bounty easy, and the seeds are all the most beautiful ornamental edibles with great flavors that I could find.

The Ornamental Edibles Limited Edition Kit includes:

  • Roo Apron in Purple Orchid
  • Double Red Sweet Corn seeds
  • Glass Gem Ornamental Corn seeds
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard Blend seeds
  • Purple Pod Bean seeds
  • Speckled Lettuce seeds
  • Santee Broccoli seeds
  • Red Velvet Lettuce seeds

Read more about each variety and why I chose them in this blog post.




Here’s What You Get!

  • The seed collection includes 7 annual vegetable plants, including: Double Red Sweet Corn, Glass Gem Ornamental Corn, Dow Purple Pod Bean, Rainbow Blend Swiss Chard, Speckled Lettuce, Red Velvet Lettuce, and Santee Broccoli.  This collection is a complete starter kit for those looking to “foodscape” at home!
  • Each variety not only tastes great, but is beautiful in the landscape, meaning you get twice the benefit with each one!
  • I picked a variety of plants that could be used as Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers in the garden so you can either pop them into your existing flower garden or design a whole Ornamental Edibles garden from scratch. The Thrillers (Double Red Sweet Corn and Glass Gem Ornamental Corn) will grow tall and look striking in the garden so you can add height and interest to the back border or as a focal point. The Fillers (Dow Purple Pod Bean, Rainbow Blend Swiss Chard, and Santee Broccoli) look great mixed in with other plantings in the middle of the garden. Quickly fill in flower beds with an ornamental trellis and Dow Purple Pod Bean, or plant the bean at the base of the corn and watch it reach for the sky! The Rainbow Blend Swiss Chard and Santee Broccoli will add color in between perennials or other vegetables. The Spillers (Speckled Lettuce and Red Velvet Lettuce) and meant for the front border of the garden, or the edge of containers; they add a pop of interesting foliage color that you can also eat.
  • The seeds in this collection all produce a high yield, so you’ll need an easy way to harvest your bounty. That’s why I’ve included a Roo Apron in the kit!
    Roo apron with ornamental edible seeds included in the kit
  • The Roo Apron has roomy pockets and a large carry pouch for you to store your produce in as you harvest it. When you’re done, simply open up the chute at the bottom of the pouch to gently deposit your bounty. You’ll be amazed at how much this speeds up your gardening and makes it more enjoyable. The Roo has a water resistant nylon storage pouch and is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about getting dirty. It has adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable, supportive fit so you can avoid a sore back and achy body. Plus, the orchid color is super stylish. You can get dirty and look good doing it! Check out this blog post for more details and a video demonstrating everything the Roo can do.
  • To make things even simpler, these are all direct sow seeds. That means you don’t have to fiddle with seed starting indoors—just plant these directly in the soil outside and watch them grow!
  • For each of my kits I include a seed-starting and culture guide that shows you how to plant the seeds so you’ll know exactly how to do it in your garden. The guide also provides a ton of detail on each seed variety like season, soil temperature, and days to germination so you don’t have to guess how to grow them.Read more about how this seed collection is started directly outdoors (direct sow) in the seed-starting and culture guide included with the kit.See a copy of the seed-starting and culture guide.Ornamental Edibles Seed collection collage

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